Successful 2009 Season a Must For The Tampa Bay Rays

Scott BirchfieldCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

2008 was an incredible season for the Tampa Bay Rays. Their World Series run surprised just about everyone. After 10 straight pitiful seasons, the Rays needed a good one. In 2009, the Rays need a repeat desperately. Here are some reasons why a repeat of 2008 is necessary.


Another Successful Season Will Keep Fans Coming to the Ballpark

If the Rays become a losing team again, the fans won't show up. There is a lot to do in the Tampa/St. Pete area. If the baseball is bad, attendance will be also.


A Repeat Will Prove Skeptics Wrong

I know there are some people that still think that the Rays' run was a big fluke. If the Rays want to be a legitimate franchise, their 2009 season has to be good. A return to their old form will give the critics more to scream about.


A Repeat Will Keep Their Young Talent Around

If the Rays have a disappointing season, they may be tempted to have a fire sale and get rid of their wonderful talent. The Rays have worked really hard to develop their team through their farm system and through smart signings. This organization can't afford to have a bad season now.