WWE: Monday Night Raw in Need of a Major Boost After Viewership Slides

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIOctober 8, 2012

Vince McMahon. (Photo credit: WWE.com)
Vince McMahon. (Photo credit: WWE.com)

On the October 8 edition of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon will make his WWE return and address some key issues.

While it is obvious that the new three-hour Raw format has failed thus far, don't expect the WWE to go ahead and quickly pull the plug.

Although having McMahon announce that Raw is moving back to a two-hour format would be a logical solution at this time, WWE may have a few other items in store to save its current product from falling even further in viewership.

After watching the three-hour format of Monday Night Raw over the past several weeks, it wasn't a surprise for me to see the WWE bring back McMahon. With plummeting viewership and other deep issues with Raw, McMahon's television return could certainly help provide the spark that WWE needs in order to rebound. 

The first item on the bucket list should be the removal of AJ Lee as general manager.

Although it was a gusty and unexpected move by the WWE to name Lee the Raw general manager, things just have not worked out. Especially with the current struggles of the WWE, having Lee removed would be a good decision in order to shake things up on Raw.

If Lee were to be removed as general manager, who would replace her?

WWE is in a perfect position to bring a major name from the past back for a return to television. However, another solid choice would be to place Vickie Guerrero as general manager.

Guerrero draws plenty of heat with wrestling fans and is intriguing on the microphone. Naming Guererro the general manager of Raw could provide an instant spark to the show.

After parting ways with Lee as general manager, McMahon could go one of two ways: Either keep the same format of having a separate general manager for both Raw and Smackdown, or have one person run both shows.

At this point, WWE should be open to having just one person be the general manager of both Raw and Smackdown. Its current two-person team is not creating any sort of uplift for the WWE.

A second item McMahon could discuss on Raw is switching the current format of how Raw is presented. Raw is in dire need of a change.

Although the word change can be scary at times, the WWE has nothing to lose. Raw has bottomed out in the past several weeks due to stiff competition on cable television. A retreat back to a two-hour Raw show would be an appropriate move.

Another format change could be the possible reintroduction of the draft lottery. However, WWE should lean away from that and combine both Raw and Smackdown stars. The draft lottery was once a good idea, but WWE should allow its whole roster to compete on Raw and Smackdown.

I can not see McMahon simply announcing that Raw is moving back to its original two-hour format. Even though WWE Raw will continue to fail under its current structure, I do not expect McMahon to declare defeat.

Raw is under enormous pressure from its competition on cable television and a change to its format is much needed.

All eyes will be on McMahon's announcement on Raw.