WWE: Should Kaitlyn Be Featured as the New Face of the Divas Division?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Get used to that face, folks, because you could be seeing a lot more of it.

That’s right, WWE seems to have found their next golden girl with Kaitlyn, a Diva who is apparently on her way up the ladder in the company.

Let the boos and snickers begin.

This is the tough part for me because honestly I don’t really have all that much of a problem with Kaitlyn.  She’s got the look, she has the right frame and build, and unlike her baby-faced predecessor Kelly Kelly, Kaitlyn is not really a lightweight.  She physically looks as though she can handle herself in the ring.

But to see her in action is another issue altogether.

To be fair, I’m not expecting Trish Stratus here.  Trish, like Beth Phoenix, is one of those Divas that come along once an era and I don’t know that it’s right to lump Kaitlyn into that company.  But as a fan, I do want the top worker in the division to be at least believable and credible in the ring.

Kaitlyn has her moments.  But for me, she is still a work in progress.

Having said that however, let’s be honest.  This is the Divas division we’re talking about here.  Many fans feel that the women’s side of WWE has not been the same since Trish and Lita were tearing the house down week in and week out.  At this point, fan expectations for the Divas are really at an all-time low.

And they probably could not be lower.


So the question becomes just how good should Kaitlyn be for fans to accept her as the next big Diva?

Or do they even care at all?

She’s a face, which works in her favor.  Despite the fact that fans know the story in regards to heel vs. face, the truth is she’s very likable and that does matter.  It should help her cause, at least with the live crowds.

She’s young and attractive, two traits that Vince McMahon loves in every Superstar on his roster, not just the Divas.  This is an obvious benefit, of course, because if she can turn enough heads in her direction, then that means that perhaps her matches will not become immediate restroom breaks for the audience.

Her mic skills are decent.  Much like her ring ability, her promos are still evolving and perhaps not quite where they should be.  Her character is actually just her, smiling, waving to the fans, and then working her match.  Thus far there has not been any real depth to her other than that.

To sum it up: she’s ready.  At least, in WWE terms.

The object of the game when it comes to finding the right Diva to feature above the rest is to simply find the right mix.  Sometimes it’s easy, as in the case of Mickie James and Lita.  Other times it’s more challenging, as in the case of Kelly Kelly.  Now, with Kaitlyn, WWE perhaps feels they have found the right combination of looks, talent, and star potential, to make it work.

But are they right?  When fans look at Kaitlyn, do they see a viable successor to fill the boots of Beth Phoenix?  Or do they see nothing more than a piece of eye candy who will have an uphill battle for respect like Kelly did?

Are their minds already made up?

The hard truth in regards to Kaitlyn, or any other Diva for that matter, is that until WWE truly makes more of an effort at improving the division in terms of talent, storylines and characters, fans will likely not be all that interested in who sits at the top.

So, do no expectations mean that Kaitlyn will rise to the occasion?  Will she do better than fans expect her to?  A month from now will I, along with others who may doubt her ability, be eating our words? Only time will tell.

For me, I am rooting for Kaitlyn.  I hope she makes a go of it, and takes advantage of the opportunity that’s in front of her.  Anytime a talent can get a door opened and can capitalize on the spotlight they’re given, it’s good for business.  WWE needs more legitimate stars to keep fans coming back.

With some work and a little luck, maybe Kaitlyn will be one of those stars.