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San Francisco 49ers: 10 Things They Must Improve on for a Super Bowl Run

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San Francisco 49ers: 10 Things They Must Improve on for a Super Bowl Run

After a 45-3 shellacking of the Buffalo Bills preceded by a 34-0 shutout of the Jets, it might seem as if the title of this article is a poor attempt at dark humor. Quite frankly, this list will seem a little hypercritical at times. But, it should be noted that these two blowouts came at the hands of poor teams.

The way the 49ers play football on both offense and defense is sort of like watching an 18-foot green anaconda take on an adolescent Peruvian jaguar. Most of the time, the snake strikes with the full force of its 250 lbs, stuns the jaguar, and then, quickly constricts it to death with little struggle. Sometimes, it seems to miss with its initial strike and is forced to struggle for a while before slowly squeezing it into oblivion.

The way they play offense is more like watching a fat, lazy male lion lie around most of the day except for the occasional quick burst of impressive speed and power to take down a wounded zebra straggling toward the back of the harem.

So, it has not always been pretty for the 49ers despite their 4-1 start. When the goal is the Super Bowl title, there's always something that could be buttoned up just a little bit no matter how good you are.

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