Lionel Messi: Leo Shines for Barcelona with 2-Goal Performance

Steven GerwelContributor IIIOctober 7, 2012

BARCELONA, SPAIN - OCTOBER 07:  Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona (R) duels for the ball with Mesut Ozil of Real Madrid CF during the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF at Camp Nou on October 7, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
David Ramos/Getty Images

With six wins in the first six matches, Barcelona was hoping for a promising victory against Real Madrid in order to boost their momentum even further by defeating a Madrid club that has already suffered a pair of tough losses. 

Barcelona didn't necessarily achieve the victory in their 2-2 draw against Madrid, but there's certainly some optimism after watching Lionel Messi's performance. 

Messi was forced to take on Cristiano Ronaldo in a head-to-head showdown where each player was carrying their team and was responsible for the outcome. 

And while no one came out on top, it was a solid performance by each player. 

In fútbol news, the world's top 2 players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, each score twice in a 2-2 draw. -->

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 7, 2012

Each player was looking for an edge, but they were able to match each other step for step in what was viewed more as a battle between two great players rather than two clubs. 

Ronaldo struck first 23 minutes into the game, but Messi was able to answer back around the 31-minute mark. 

Messi went on to score yet another goal in what was seemingly a game-winning effort, but Ronaldo was able to put out the fire by coming up with his second goal of the game, forcing the match to end in a draw. 

It would've been preferable for one of the clubs to come out on top with a victory, but an exciting performance that ended in a draw is certainly a nice consolation prize. 

Barcelona will continue their season on October 20 against Deportivo La Coruña, while Real Madrid will continue on the same date against Celta Vigo.