10 Funniest Premier League Moments

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIOctober 8, 2012

10 Funniest Premier League Moments

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    The Premier League has been a one-stop shop for high quality football, interesting characters and some pretty funny moments since its inception.

    Whether its a pre-planned celebration, a set-piece mistake or managers making memorable YouTube moments, the Premier League has given folks a lot to smile about.

    Here are some of funniest Premier League moments.

Jimmy Bullard Leads Hull Celebration

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    Jimmy Bullard and his Hull City teammates provided a moment fans will always laugh at when they come across it on YouTube.

    Bullard's manager Phil Brown raised a few eyebrows when he made his team sit through an on field half-time speech after a dismal first half performance against Manchester City in December 2008.(via BBC)

    Bullard and company saw the light side of things and decided to recreate the scenario after scoring the tying goal against the same opponent a season later.

    His goal celebration was so good he even earned praise from his manager.(via BBC)

Pepe Reina Goes to the Beach

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    Back in 2009 when Liverpool hosted Sunderland, Darren Bent got a little bit of help from one fan's over-zealous use of a beach ball.

    As you can see in the video, the ball ghosted into the six-yard box and flicked on Bent's grass-cutting shot past a hapless Pepe Reina.

    The Spaniard admitted that the beach ball caught his eye and distracted him from doing his real job.(via the Telegraph)

Paolo Di Canio Pushes Referee

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    One of the many moments Paolo Di Canio is well remembered for during his time in the Premier League, is his push on referee Paul Alcock.

    Di Canio eventually received an 11-match ban for his actions but it was funny moment to watch.(via BBC)

Harry Redknapp Loves a Deal

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    Harry Redknapp's response to being labeled a "wheeler-dealer" gives us our first entry for managers on this list.

    The former Tottenham manager unleashes a few bombs on a bewildered Ron Palmer after his teams loss to Wigan and makes a great YouTube clip in the process.

Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer Fight

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    The pressure, and the impending loss, seemed to be too much for Newcastle teammates Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer as they came to blows during the middle of a game.

    The image is so surprising that it's absolutely hilarious and the commentating in this clip heightens the entertainment value of the whole scenario.

Kevin Keegan Rant

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    Kevin Keegan didn't hide his disgust at Sir Alex Ferguson's "mind games" during the closing stages of the 1995-96 title.

    This clip is funny because it isn't normal to see managers react in such fashion during interviews etc. and Keegan shared a view that was probably similar to many fans at the time.

David Dunn Tries to Get a Bit Too Fancy

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    When a player tries something fancy and fails, the laughs are sure to ring around the grounds and a few jokes will probably surface.

    David Dunn's failed "rabona", and the subsequent fall, is the complete package where such fails are concerned and puts him high on any list of football fails.

Dean Windass vs. Rory Delap

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    This incident may not be as clear in the mind as some of the others on this list and that might be because of the two teams involved, Stoke City and Hull City.

    Tigers striker Dean Windass found a way, though not a completely successful one, to try and put off Rory Delap during one of Delap's patented long-range throw-ins.

    Windass casually warmed up in the vicinity of Delap during at least two of those throw-in attempts, earning at least one warning and one yellow card, and just the imagery of that brings about a few chuckles.(via Mirror Football)

    There's not a video of the actual incident, not one that I could find anyway, but here's a clip, according to the uploader, of what happened before Windass got his yellow card.

Eric Cantona Practices Kung-Fu

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    We aren't condoning player violence against fans but this Eric Cantona moment is one of the funniest around.

    It's one of those moments where you wonder what the fan said and where the player's head has gone. Cantona was understandably probably still heated from his red card but his actions here bring shock, at first, and then laughter.

    It also gave us one of the most memorable quotes from the Frenchman.(via Goal.com)

Robbie Savage Gets Hit by Referee

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    Everyone's favourite player, Robbie Savage, got more than he bargained for when he ran unsuspectingly into a referee's elbow.

    It was almost fitting that something like that should happen to Savage considering his reputation as a dirty player.

    Maybe the referee was getting much prolonged revenge for his fallen comrade Paul Alcock and it didn't matter who the victim was.

    Alan Shearer's mock red card adds even more entertainment to the whole incident.