Washington Redskins: Yes $100 Million Is a Lot Of Money, But...

ROB YOUNG SR@HomeTeamZoContributor IMarch 8, 2009


Well folks, it appears to be business as usual around Redskin Park.

Mr Snyder & Co. made the quickest and most expensive moves of free agency when they signed Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall to eye popping deals.

Initially I had the same feelings that most people had; "Oh god, he's at it again." But then I looked at it again and there are some differences.

This time we went out and got the top DT in the league the past two years, not another past his prime ex-superstar.

This kid is the Real Deal. He demands the attention of at least two blockers at all times, which should elevate the production of every other player on defense. Okay, yeah, I know about the not playing a full 16 games in his career, but at least he isn't in his mid-thirties carrying that stat.

The money for Hall raised some eyebrows too, but again the question is: was there a better CB available? Could this team afford to lose Hall? In my opinion NO! It was time to move on from the Springs situation. When healthy and on the field, he was one of the top corners, but lately being healthy and on the field happened too infrequently.

With too few draft picks available to make an impact, they had a choice to just tread water, or try and swim to shore. I can't fault them for going after it and trying to do whatever possible to improve the product on the field.

What they must now hope for is that the offense finds it's stride and can average, say, 21 to 24 ppg. And this defense will do the rest.

All the holes on this team cannot be filled in one season, and there is still some addition by subtraction that needs to be done, but they went after it.

And that's what matters.