WWE Raw Preview: Vince McMahon Returns, CM Punk/Ryback, Sheamus and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IOctober 8, 2012

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It’s Monday again and that means a new episode of WWE Monday Night Raw!

With Hell in a Cell approaching, things are certainly starting to heat up in the WWE. Whether it’s the WWE Championship scene, the tag team division or the boss appearing, the final months of 2012 may very well be quite exciting.

The company has gone over five points on their website concerning this week’s show, so let’s see what they have in store for the WWE Universe for this episode!


A Foreign Power: Can Anyone Stop Antonio Cesaro?

Since debuting in the WWE this past April, Antonio Cesaro has been a dominant force. With Aksana by his side, the Swedish superstar has taken out anyone the WWE has put in front of him.

His dominance paid off at SummerSlam when he challenged Santino Marella for the WWE United States Championship. He would win the title that night and go onto stop Santino from regaining the belt.

After dumping Aksana, Cesaro proved that he didn’t need her when he ran over the super heavyweight Brodus Clay last week on Raw. If the champion can defeat someone that big that quickly, is there anyone that can stop him?

Who will step up and challenge Antonio Cesaro?


Tag Team Gold: Who Will Challenge Team Hell No for the Titles?

For the first time in years, the tag team division in WWE is something to be excited about.

With more than two teams in the division now, the WWE Tag Team Championship are becoming sought after belts and champions Kane and Daniel Bryan have huge targets on their backs.

A few weeks ago, SmackDown general manager Booker T announced an eight-team tournament to determine the No. 1 contenders for the titles. As seen on Raw, SmackDown and WWE’s new show Main Event, four teams are now left in the tournament.

Which semi-final match will take place this week on Raw? Will fans see Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara take on the Prime Time Players, or will they see Rhodes Scholars go up against Zack Ryder and Santino Marella?


A Streak Ended: Has a Weakness in Sheamus Finally Been Found?

Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe when he defeated Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII in 18 seconds. Since that victory, though, Sheamus has dominated the SmackDown main event.

It didn’t matter if it was Randy Orton, Chris Jericho or Alberto Del Rio; the Celtic Warrior has run over everyone in his path. In doing so, the champion has remained undefeated in his close to 200 day reign as champion.

Last Wednesday on the debut on WWE Main Event, CM Punk changed that.

In a champion vs. champion match, the WWE Champion defeated Sheamus and ended his undefeated streak. As a result, a weakness in the world heavyweight champion may have been discovered, and that’s exactly what the Big Show wants.

Has the Big Show discovered a weakness to exploit in his title match against Sheamus at Hell in a Cell? If so, has Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler found it as well? Is Sheamus’ time as champion numbered?


Feed Him More: Does Ryback Have CM Punk on the Run?

Since the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE champion CM Punk has demanded respect. Whether it was from the fans, his fellow wrestlers or the legends of the business, Punk has stopped at nothing to get what he wants.

Despite having Paul Heyman by his side, that stopping power may have been found.

For the past couple of weeks, WWE legends have been telling the champion that the only way he’d get respect and the title “Best in the World” was by facing and defeating John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

It didn’t matter if it was Bret Hart, Mick Foley or Jim Ross that was telling him, Punk felt that Cena should go to the back of the line after losing at both SummerSlam and Night of Champions.

After attacking the hardcore legend two weeks ago, that potential stopping power appeared in the form of Ryback. He appeared again last week after Punk embarrassed Jim Ross and the champion just walked away.

Has CM Punk finally met his match? Will Ryback get the title shot at Hell in a Cell? If not, will more legends appear to try to get Punk to fight John Cena at the event?


The Boss is Back: Vince McMahon Returns to Address the State of the WWE

It’s been a few months since the WWE Universe has seen Vince McMahon. T

he last couple of times were on June 11 when he evaluated then-general manager John Laurinaitis and on the 1000th episode to name AJ Lee as the new general manager. Since then, though, chaos has ensued.

Whether it was AJ putting contracts on the line in matches or assaulting her employees, the current general manager of Raw is certainly being watched closely. SmackDown general manager Booker T has had his share of troubles as well including a lawsuit over Sheamus’ Brogue Kick finisher.

This week, all of that and more will surely be addressed as the chairman gives his State of the WWE Address.

What will Vince McMahon have to say? Are the jobs of AJ lee and Booker T in jeopardy? What other issues will he tackle?

With Vince McMahon returning, this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw could be an exciting and unpredictable event. How will things go? Tune in to find out!