Batista: Current MMA Fighter vs. Former WWE Superstar

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIOctober 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

When former WWE superstar Batista decided to leave the company, like it or not, it left a void that's been difficult to fill, especially with the loss of other superstars. Despite the fact that he went out as a heel, it was in this role that Batista had become more compelling than throughout his entire run with the WWE. It was another case of a top talent wanting to pursue interests outside of the WWE and professional wrestling in general.

When word got out that Batista wanted to make the jump to the world of mixed martial arts, a number of fans were critical to say the least. Could he enjoy the same level of success as a mixed martial arts competitor, or at least a quarter of the success that Brock Lesnar enjoyed as a competitor and champion in UFC?  As a performer in his early forties with no real fight experience, Batista's decision faced harsh scrutiny.

Apparently, "Big Dave" silenced his critics, at least somewhat, with a victory over MMA veteran, Vince Lucero this weekend. Whether or not this victory is a sign of things to come, I honestly don't see Batista having a successful career as a mixed martial arts fighter in the long term. Ten years ago maybe, but being in his early forties, having suffered a number of injuries from his career in wrestling, he needs to be realistic; any time he has left as a performer and athlete should be used wisely.

I think it is safe to say he can still contribute to professional wrestling. Batista should abandon MMA and return to the WWE while there is still time. Done the right way, Batista can return to the company an even bigger star than when he left. With the WWE in need of talent, Batista can help talent like CM Punk and Sheamus remain relevant in the eyes of the fans. Batista versus either champion would be a huge draw.

Batista, the MMA fighter is an attraction for all the wrong reasons. We're all waiting for him to fall, ultimately failing, giving us reason to say, "We told you so." The first bout that he does lose, Batista will have to think long and hard about the future. Is this where he truly belongs or does his future lay elsewhere?

Batista, the former WWE star, doesn't have much to worry about. His return would be the shot in the arm the WWE needs right about now, giving both an opportunity to explore the possibilities. He would be welcomed back with open arms. 

Batista: MMA fighter vs. WWE Superstar. What do you think?