South Carolina Football: Gamecocks Continue to Make Doubters Eat Their Words

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South Carolina Football: Gamecocks Continue to Make Doubters Eat Their Words

South Carolina Gamecock fans endured another week of the opposition finding ways to trash the their football program and current state:

"They have no history!"

"They haven't played anyone!"

"Georgia will rip those old 'Coots' to shreds!"

"You act as if you've won something!"

Another Saturday gone, and another convincing win for the garnet and black.  Now, this week we're hearing another set of tunes.  Surprise!  It's still not positive: 

"Georgia was overrated!"

"LSU and Florida are going to destroy the Gamecocks!"

"They haven't played anyone!"

Etc., etc., etc...

South Carolina is the team that you just don't want to believe is any good.  You want to devalue everything it has accomplished in the past couple of years. 

That's OK.  You quote history as a method of stating why South Carolina's current iteration wont make it anywhere. 

Here's a fact for you: History has never won a national championship. 

It doesn't matter. 

South Carolina has everything in place to give every team a game.  It is balanced, powerful, fast and well coached. 

As for the LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators...they have to be able to score to beat the Gamecocks.  Both of their offenses look awful.  If the Georgia Bulldogs can only manage seven points (in garbage time) with one of the best quarterbacks, running tandems and offensive numbers in football, how do the Tigers and Gators score at all?

The Gamecocks have the offensive power to score on anyone.  They have a balanced attack with a fantastic passing quarterback. 

Connor Shaw is a runner, sure...but watch his throws.  He has amazing zip and accuracy, and is really starting to look like the most intelligent and talented quarterback in the SEC. 

I won't even mention the Clemson Tigers.  With that defense, the Gamecocks could hang over 40 points on them. 

Am I saying the Gamecocks will win the national title?  No.  There are definite tests.  The Gamecocks must continue to play focused and not get wrapped up in the media hype. 

All they need to do is visit some fan message boards to gain motivation.  While the press has embraced the Gamecocks, the fans have found more excuses for their successes. 

It's OK.  The Gamecocks will continue to give you opportunities to eat your words. 

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