Chiefs vs. Ravens: Live Game Grades, Player Analysis for Kansas City

Christopher Amick@!/TheAmickCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2012

Chiefs vs. Ravens: Live Game Grades, Player Analysis for Kansas City

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    Turnovers and bad offense were the stories here, and Kansas City's stellar defensive effort was wasted as the Chiefs lost to Baltimore 9-6 at Arrowhead stadium today.

    Power rushing attacks and no-huddle offenses kept this game moving at a frantic pace but the defensive units decided this battle.

    Chiefs fans were teased by a thrilling comeback victory in Week 3 over the Saints. But last Sunday was more of the same, as Kansas City was blown out for the third time in four games, raising fan frustration to a fever pitch.

    A group of Chiefs fans across the country have collected money and are paying for a banner to fly over their beloved stadium that reads "We deserve better. Fire Pioli. Bench Cassel."

    Fans kind of got their wish when Cassel had to leave the game in the final quarter with an apparent head injury.

    There is an uncertainly surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs now, and they travel to Tampa Bay next week to battle the Buccaneers.


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    Final Grade -- F

    Chiefs' fans got the quarterback change that they were hoping for, but it came in the form injury to starter Matt Cassel.

    Brady Quinn came in for a short time and he looked decent when he made his throws.

    Third Quarter -- F

    I was generous in giving Cassel a passing mark in the first half, but yet another turnover is plenty of reason to give a failing grade here.

    The game plan is specifically tailored to hide Cassel's faults, but they have been glaringly obvious in this game and in his entire career as a Chief.

    Cassel adds another interception on a high pass to Bowe. The LSU tiger should have had the catch as he had to elevate.

    Second Quarter -- C

    More of the same in the second quarter. Cassel has been a glorified hand off machine in this game. He is pace for a very Tebow- like eight pass attempts today.

    First Quarter -- C

    Matt Cassel's ineptitude has been hidden effectively early in this game. The USC product has only thrown two passes so far and he has completed both of them.

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          Final Grade -- D

          Brady Quinn came in and sparked the Kansas City offense but three quarters of futility can't save this game. Jamaal Charles proved why he is one league's most explosive backs, and Dwayne Bowe played well besides a few costly drops.

          The offensive line opened up gigantic holes for all of the Kansas City runners and the rushing attack saves the offense from an F.

          Third Quarter-- F

          Another wasted opportunity by the Kansas City offense, as Cassel fumbles a snap at the Ravens' goal line.

          The Chiefs lead the league in turnovers, and they are the biggest reason why Kansas City has not led a game in regulation this year.

          Turnovers are still the story here, and Matt Cassel adds another one to his 2012 total late in the third quarter. A high pass to Dwayne Bowe was tipped and easy pickings for the Baltimore defense.

          Second Quarter -- C

          When it rains, it pours. A tipped ball by Dwayne Bowe leads to another Cassel interception to open the second quarter of play.

          Despite the turnovers, Kansas City is running the ball at a blistering pace against a very good Ravens defense. Jamaal Charles has eclipsed the 100 yard mark and this is the only reason the Chiefs remain competitive in this game.

          Dwayne Bowe has used his physicality to make some nice catches and he seems to be a man on a mission in 2012.

          First Quarter -- C

          An early three-and-out starts the game for the Kansas City. Jammal Charles got three straight carries to open the contest and it surly seems like offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is looking to hide Matt Cassel as much as possible.

          This marks the 22nd consecutive game in which the Chiefs offense has failed to scored an opening drive touchdown. 

          Jamaal Charles is going to get a full load of work today. Baltimore is having problems stopping him thus far.

          Another fumble by the Chiefs' offense stalls a drive yet again. The Chiefs have turned the football over more than any other team in the league so far.

          The rushing attack has been on point during the first quarter of this game and that is the only thing that gives the offense a passing grade. The Chiefs have 85 rushing yards and controlling the clock effectively.


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          Final Grade -- A

          The Chiefs' defense deserves a heap of praise for their efforts today. They may have given up 100 yards rushing to Ray Rice, but this grade is high because of the valiant efforts of this unit while dealing with the putrid Kansas City offense. 

          Tamba Hali and Justin Houston both had two sacks on the day, and the secondary was excellent in coverage.

          Third Quarter -- A

          This spirited unit lost its moral once again after another Cassel turnover early in the third. Once Baltimore got the ball after the fumble recovery, they marched down the field to add to their lead.

          Brandon Flowers and the rest of the squad did a terrific job of bouncing back after the turnover and they even forced an interception of their own.

          This unit gets an A for having to deal with the team's pathetic offensive output. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali have harassed Joe Flacco frequently and the secondary has played inspired football. Sadly, these efforts will probably be wasted.

          Second Quarter -- A

          The offense has not done the Chiefs' defensive unit any favors by turning the ball over twice today, but Tamba Hali and company have played well against a very potent offense thus far.

          Hali and Justin Houston each have a sack, and Kansas City is putting some pressure on the Baltimore offense.

          The secondary has played well in the first half, and for some reason the Baltimore offensive brain trust has forgotten about Ray Rice.

          Rice has 52 yards rushing, but the Chiefs have kept a lid on Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin.

          First Quarter -- B

          Joe Flacco looks pretty comfortable early and the Ravens open up this this game with a variety of intermediate passing plays.

          The Chiefs' defense has played decently and they have seemed to put the clamps on Flacco as the quarter progressed, holding him to 10 yards passing.

        Special Teams

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          Final Grade -- B

          The special teams unit played well today and they accounted for all of the Kansas City points.

          They forced a fumble in the third quarter and pinned Baltimore defense deep in their own territory many times today.

          Kicker Ryan Succop also connected both of his field goal attempts.

          Third Quarter -- A

          For what seems like the first time this season, the Chiefs may have found a stoke of luck. On the second half kickoff, Terrance Copper forced a fumble that Kansas City promptly recovered for excellent field position.

          Forcing the turnover could have been a huge momentum shift, but the Kansas City offense has failed to capitalize.

          Second Quarter -- B

          Nothing much to speak of here. Kicker Ryan Succop has the only Kansas City points in the first half.

          First Quarter -- B

          The special teams units of Kansas City have done a good job so far of winning the battle of field position.

          Dustin Colquitt has pinned the ravens deep a couple of time and Javier Arenas has a couple of positive returns.


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          Final Grade -- F

          See third quarter grade.

          Third Quarter -- F

          Until Matt Cassel is benched, this grade shall remain.

          Second Quarter -- C

          The Coaching staff of Kansas City is playing to the team's strengths early, but this conservative approach is not going to win many games in this league.

          Crennel has done well with his defense and they are holding Joe Flacco in check.

          First Quarter -- C

          The second offensive drive of the quarter was looking promising until the Chiefs reached mid-field and came across and 3rd and 8.

          Coordinator Brian Daboll called a conservative run play, much to the dismay of the Arrowhead faithful.

          Defensively, Romeo Crennel has called a good game, and the players seem to be in the right spot to make plays.