WWE: 10 Bond Villains Who Would Make Awesome WWE Heels

Max TowleAnalyst IOctober 7, 2012

WWE: 10 Bond Villains Who Would Make Awesome WWE Heels

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    With the release date of the newest James Bond film, "Skyfall," almost upon us, I thought it a perfect opportunity to combine two of my greatest passions—professional wrestling and cheesy British action movies.

    Having seen all 22 Bond films in the canon, some more often than I'm willing to admit, I've compiled and ranked ten memorable villains who could cut it as a WWE heel.

    A couple of months ago I wrote a piece titled "10 Movie Characters Who Would Be Awesome in the WWE," but this one's a little more specific.

    As always, this list is intended to spark debate, rather than end it.

    (Though if you've never seen a Bond film, you've probably come to the wrong place!)

10. Alec Trevelyan

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    Bond movie: Goldeneye

    One of the ultimate heel turns in movie history, Alec Trevelyan's transition from James Bond's ally, friend and agent 006, to treasonous master criminal truly comes as a shock to 007.

    In the WWE, Trevelyan would be adept in hand-to-hand combat and suitably lower class on the microphone—think a cross between Steve Blackman and Wade Barrett.

    Perhaps not the most memorable character in the Bond series, but anything to include the hard-nosed British legend with a death wish, Sean Bean, in the list!

9/8. Bambi and Thumper

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    Bond movie: Diamonds Are Forever

    Bambi and Thumper are two seemingly innocent, scantily clad gymnasts whom Bond soon discovers are security officers, deadly in their use of their athletic bodies.

    In the WWE, like in Diamonds Are Forever, their finishing move involves wrapping their legs around their unwitting opponent's neck, choking him or her into submission.

    Beautiful, yet technically proficient in the ring, their arrival would signal a new era for the Divas division.

7. Dr. No

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    Bond movie: Dr. No

    First Bond villain Dr. Julius No (ignore the Peter Sellers Casino Royale, it's not worth your attention) is a calm, calculating evil genius, with a presence that turns the blood cold.

    Half German/half Chinese, Dr. No kills two birds with one stone in terms of crossover appeal.

    His WWE trademark would be his black leather gloves that encase metallic hands, and chilling promos that prophecy doom for the company (the babyface half, at least).

6. Baron Samedi

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    Bond movie: Live and Let Die

    An enigmatic, borderline supernatural mythical figure, the mere mention of Baron Samedi's name strikes fear into the heart of all who know his wicked reputation.

    Not too dissimilar to The Boogeyman, and even less to Papa Shango, but don't let that count against him, Samedi would be an expert in the art of voodoo in the WWE, cursing his opponents before matches.

    Physically impressive too. Vince McMahon would undoubtedly be a fan.

5. May Day

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    Bond movie: A View to a Kill

    A standout role in a pretty poor entry into the Bond series, Grace Jones' May Day is an exotic, humourless villain with the strength of twenty men.

    There is little that is feminine about May Day, a far cry from the other calendar girls of the Divas Division.

    Also trained in martial arts, the humourless brute would be the object of many of her male counterparts' mocking, but would always get the better of a later physical confrontation to defend herself.

4. Auric Goldfinger

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    Bond movie: Goldfinger

    Richer than Alberto del Rio, the British billionaire Auric Goldfinger has an unhealthy obsession with gold—unsurprising really, considering the name.

    He may be a little overweight, but that's never stopped certain WWE superstars in the past and present.

    Also similar to Alberto del Rio's relationship with quasi-butler Ricardo Rodriguez, Goldfinger would burst onto the WWE scene touting his fanatical assistant...

3. Oddjob

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    Bond movie: Goldfinger

    Auric Goldfinger's muscle-man Oddjob never says a word in one of the best films in the Bond canon, but makes a deep impression with his eccentric behaviour.

    In the WWE, his finisher would be throwing his metallic bowler hat like a frisbee at his opponents' heads; perhaps a little violent for the PG Era, but hey, it's far too cool a move not to carry over from the film.

    Eventually I'm sure he would break away from his dead weight boss and kill it in the singles division.

2. Le Chiffre

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    Bond movie: Casino Royale

    Sadistic, multicultural and possibly Albanian, Le Chiffre is both a mathematical prodigy and a diabolical genius, who just happens to dress in the finest Armani suits.

    Known for his damaged left eye which weeps blood when he's under stress, the Bond villain would make an ideal heel in the WWE not only for his unique appearance, but dynamite combat skills as well.

    I'm thinking a possible tag team partner for Antonio Cesaro?

1. Jaws

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    Bond movie: The Spy Who Loved Me/Moonraker

    But the No. 1 Bond baddie and possible WWE heel is gentle giant Jaws.

    The most striking feature of the towering Great Khali lookalike is his steel-capped set of teeth, capable of cutting through the thickest of materials.

    Possible language issues might arise, similar to Khali, but signing him up would be worth it just to see him bite his way out of a steel cage match.


    Which Bond villain do you think would make the best WWE heel?