Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva: What Went Right for Bigfoot

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIOctober 6, 2012

Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva: What Went Right for Bigfoot

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    Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva came into Friday night's fight as the underdog against undefeated heavyweight prospect Travis Browne.

    But Silva exceeded expectations by finishing Browne via technical knockout in the first round, marking "Bigfoot's" first career win inside the Octagon.

    This was a fight many thought that the towering Brazilian would lose. But the stars aligned perfectly for Silva, once again proving that anything can happen in MMA.

    Here's what went right for "Bigfoot" during last night's headlining UFC on FX bout.

Browne's Blown Leg

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    Browne didn't seem like his old self when he entered the Octagon opposite Silva and made matters worse by blowing out his hamstring during the fight.

    At various points throughout the short bout, Browne could clearly be seen hobbling around with an unstable left leg.

    While Silva certainly brought the fight to his opponent, there's no question that this injury helped to cement the win.

Browne's Lack of Fundamentals

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    Despite the painful injury, Browne seemed to display a lack of basic striking fundamentals in this bout.

    He immediately kicked things off with a spinning hook kick that whiffed badly against "Bigfoot" and tried a ton of unorthodox striking techniques throughout the fight that just simply didn't land.

    The most egregious error was Browne's low hand positioning that left his jaw exposed to Silva's big right hand.

Silva's Technical Striking

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    Contrary to Browne's game plan, Silva was very technical with his striking, which opened up a ton of opportunities to attack.

    Silva wasn't looking for the flashy finish, he just kept his hands high and focused on landing crisp combinations while keeping Browne on the defensive.

    Staying calm and focused were key to opening Browne up to "Bigfoot's" biggest asset of the night.

Bigfoot's Big Right Hand

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    When it came down to it, Silva landed the perfect punch at the perfect time.

    His huge right hand landed flush on Browne's face, sending him face first into the canvas.

    "Bigfoot" wouldn't have had such a big night without this devastating punch.


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