PSG: Is the Parisian Side Capable of Attracting Cristiano Ronaldo?

Bell Malley@milesmalleyAnalyst IIIOctober 20, 2012

There are many, many ways of describing the rumor stating that Cristiano Ronaldo could be going to Paris-Saint-Germain. Absurd. Crazy. Frightening. Exciting. 

Imagine if Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo were on the same team. How thrilling would it be?

But can PSG bring the Portuguese superstar to Paris? Will Ronaldo accept to give up his spot at Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world, in one of the best leagues in the world, to join the Ligue 1, a league destined to be overwhelmed by PSG in the next years?

It would be difficult to imagine this today. The 27-year-old, currently in his prime, is unstoppable even in La Liga. 

Said to be the second-best player in the world behind Lionel Messi in the last few years, many people are now calling them equal. 

Indeed, Ronaldo and Messi have very similar stats, with Ronaldo at a 1.03 goals per match average in all official matches since his arrival at Madrid in 2009, and the Argentine at 1.04 (Messi has scored 181 goals in 173 games, Ronaldo 161 in 156).

For Paris to get their hands on "CR7," it will have to take into consideration all of Ronaldo's many conditions and likes, including a huge amount of money, but president Nasser El-Khelaifi believes it isn't impossible.

Unhappy with something within the Madrid club, Ronaldo recently said he was "sad" after a match against Granada, in which he scored two goals that he didn't celebrate, but didn't reveal why.

Some unconfirmed rumors said it was due to his salary, which is lower than some other players despite him being better, at least in his opinion.

Ronaldo's craving for money is a very important element. It is rumored that if he were to join PSG, he would get a €20 million per year contract, therefore equalling Samuel Eto'o's record wages at Anzhi Makhachkala, and hopefully quenching his thirst for gold.

PSG, bought by Qatar Sports Investment in May of 2011, undoubtedly has enough petrodollars available to satisfy CR7, and the recent past has shown that they are ready to spend a lot of money, if not too much.

Ibrahimovic's net €14 million per year salary is an example of that. If French President François Hollande manages to pass his 75 percent tax law on revenues of over €1 million a year, QSI would be spending between €60 and 70 million a year (including bonuses for wins, goals, and silverware) just to pay Ibra.

Ronaldo would be a very financially demanding employee, but PSG should be able to pay what he would ask for.

There is one last money-related problem, though. Will Paris pay for Ronaldo's transfer fee? 

Near the closing of this summer's transfer window, it was rumored that Manchester City were proposing €200 M to Real for him, a colossal sum, obviously not accepted.

Beginning of September, the Spanish media reported that CR7 has a buy-out clause of €1 billion. Even PSG wouldn't buy that.

Of course, if Ronaldo were to leave, it would surely be for less, but certainly be a record-breaking fee.

Another point to take into consideration would be the sporting attractiveness of Paris, and of the Ligue 1.

Ibrahimovic has already proved to be almost to good for the French league, considered as one of the "other" leagues in British magazine Four-Four-Two's August edition, excluded of their best eight world-wide.

The Swedish striker has already netted nine in seven matches. 

If Zlatan were to be associated with Ronaldo, as long as their massive egos stayed out of each other's way, PSG's offensive strength would crush the Ligue 1, and make Paris a big team in Europe.

Of course, Ronaldo would unquestionably win trophies, and all the bonuses coming with them and his goals would add even more money into his pocket. But would it really be a challenge for him? Would it be that fun to weekly beat inferior teams?

That isn't guaranteed.

Nevertheless, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, PSG's President, and Leonardo, their director of football, have one more argument to persuade Ronaldo.

This last one, which could be a big one, is the attraction of living in Paris, a beautiful city.

This was one motivation for many players to have joined PSG in recent years, such as Thiago Silva, who admitted so.

Ronaldo, and his partner Irina Shayk, would probably prefer life in the "City of Lights" to a return to traditionally industrial Manchester.

This last point is also reinforced by the possible replacement of Carl Ancelotti by José Mourinho as manager of the club. 

Ronaldo has a great relationship with his compatriot, and if Mourinho were to join PSG, which he hinted as possibility in a pre-match interview before the latest Clasico, the attraction of Paris would be even greater. 

Although PSG are capable of furnishing most of the requirements above, it would be difficult to imagine the Portuguese player giving up the competitiveness of La Liga and Real Madrid.

Therefore, it would be surprising to see Cristiano Ronaldo leave in the next couple of years, while he is still in his golden age, but maybe later on, as the end of his career closes on him


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