Invicta FC 3 'Penne vs. Sugiyama' Results: Reaction for Every Fight

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2012

Invicta FC 3 'Penne vs. Sugiyama' Results: Reaction for Every Fight

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    Invicta Fighting Championships brings 14 fights to their third installment. The card will air live and free via their website at 7 p.m. ET.

    The main event of the evening will crown the first-ever Invicta FC Champion at 105 pounds. Jessica Penne (9-1) squares off against Naho Sugiyama (8-0).

    The co-main event pits Shayna Baszler (14-7) against Sarah D'Alelio (6-2). Also on the card is a re-match from Invicta FC 1's fight of the night. Leslie Smith (7-6-1) and Kaitlin Young (3-2-1) battled to a draw in the first go-round, and now will look to settle the score.

    The remainder of the card is filled with a who's who of women's MMA. It is a jam-packed card that will be sure to deliver several exciting fights and finishes.

    We will bring you live reactions for each fight of the card tonight.

Invicta FC Atomweight Championship: Jessica Penne vs. Naho Sugiyama

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    Round 1

    Penne is very long and using that early to create distance. Good straight right by Sugiyama. Penne catches a kick and takes Sugiyama down. Penne in half-guard. A lot of time to work. Penne just controlling right now. Penne working on passing by softening up Sugiyama with short punches. Sugiyama utilizing butterfly guard to get back to her feet. Good right from Sugiyama. Clinched against the cage.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Penne

    Round 2

    Leg kick from Sugiyama is answered with multiple arm punches by Penne. Good Thai clinch from Penne. Sugiyama gets on top, but Penne threatening with her length. Triangle attempt by Penne. Penne gets the tap and the strap.


    Penne defeats Sugiyama via submission (triangle choke) at 2:20 of the second round to win the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship.

Shayna Baszler vs. Sarah D'Alelio

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    Round 1

    Baszler with a Thai clinch, but does not land much. Baszler takes D'Alelio down and is all over her. Baszler's ground game is on point early. She has both hooks in and flattens D'Alelio out. Baszler softening up D'Alelio with elbows to the body. Baszler is glued to D'Alelio's back. Hard heel strikes from Baszler.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Baszler

    Round 2

    D'Alelio ends up on her back very early on. Baszler locks in the rear naked and gets the tap!


    Baszler defeats D'Alelio via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:37 of the second round.

Kaitlin Young vs. Leslie Smith

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    Round 1

    The re-match is underway. Clinch immediately. Nice left from Young against the fence. Smith with good punches, and Young answering. High output in this fight from both women. Smith catches a kick and takes Young down. Young thinking about a submission, but Smith defends. Smith gets on top again, and once again Young looks to make something happen from bottom. Young trying a reverse triangle, but it's not tight. Smith back to her feet before dropping back in to the guard of Young. Both fighters keeping a good pace. Smith passes to half-guard. Good ground and pound from Smith. Excellent opening frame.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Smith

    Round 2

    Young clinches and pushes Smith to the cage. Smith reverses the position and they exchange strikes from close quarters. Smith lands more good punches, and Young comes forward for a takedown. Smith tries a rolling kneebar! Young defends and they scramble for position. Smith ends up in Young's guard. Armbar attempt from Young, but Smith gets out and moves to a mounted crucifix. Punch and punch until the referee stops the fight.


    Smith defeats Young by TKO at 2:19 of the second round.

Barb Honchak vs. Aisling Daly

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    Round 1

    Both ladies exchange early, but stay on the outside of one another. Honchak connects with a right. Push kick by Daly. Good leg kick from Honchak spins Daly around. Daly responds with a solid combination. Honchak did well in a brief dirty boxing exchange. Honchak lands another combination on Daly. Honchak has Daly clinched up against the fence. Nice elbow against the cage by Honchak.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Honchak

    Round 2

    There is a sizable lump on Daly's forehead from Honchak's first round work. Daly opens up the second round with a good left. More exchanges like the first round. Daly jumps guard, but the ground work is short lived. As was their time back on the feet as they immediately go back to the mat. Daly working for a Kimura, but Honchak is too skilled for that and is out of danger. Big elbows from Honchak. Honchak takes Daly's back. Honchak in complete control. Honchak rides out the round in top position.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Honchak

    Round 3

    Daly takes the fight to the ground, but Honchak attacking from her back and gets back to her feet. Honchak takes Daly down, and passes to side control after Daly bails on a Kimura attempt. Big hammerfist from Honchak. Back to their feet at distance. Good straight right by Honchak. And another takedown by Honchak. Excellent performance by Honchak on the ground. Daly threatening with a high guard, but Honchak avoids any trouble. Back to their feet and Daly comes forward with urgency. They close the fight swinging at each other.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Honchak, and the fight 30-27 Honchak


    Honchak defeats Daly by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Tara LaRosa vs. Vanessa Porto

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    Round 1

    LaRosa and Porto touch gloves to start the fight. Porto connects with a right. Another right. Big power from Porto. LaRosa tries a shot from way outside and Porto easily sprawls. Another huge right and LaRosa drops. Porto lets LaRosa back up. Porto is being very patient, and LaRosa is hesitant to come forward. Another big right from Porto. Low leg kick from Porto hurts LaRosa.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-8 Porto

    Round 2

    The leg kicks are brutal. LaRosa goes down after another. Porto is just waiting for an opportunity to drop LaRosa again. LaRosa is offering nothing in return. The veteran is being completely reactionary to what Porto is doing. Another leg kick finds its mark. LaRosa finally comes forward and lands a few strikes of her own. LaRosa coming forward a bit more. LaRosa gets tagged again and is wobbly.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Porto

    Round 3

    Straight right from Porto finds the mark. Porto is simply sizing LaRosa up at this point. LaRosa tries for a takedown, but it was just a desperation shot. Porto puts LaRosa on wobbly legs once again. LaRosa dives for another takedown, but easily avoided by Porto. LaRosa goes again for a takedown, but comes up empty. Porto probably could have finished this fight, but there was no reason to risk it.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Porto, and the fight 30-26 Porto


    Porto defeats LaRosa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Cat Zingano vs. Raquel Pennington

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    Round 1

    Zingano and Pennington are intense. Zingano goes for a takedown early on, but Pennington is able to avoid it thus far. Zingano keeping Pennington pressed against the fence, and finally trips her to the mat. Pennington pops back up with Zingano attached. Pennington reverses position briefly, but Zingano rectified that. A grueling five minutes of clinch work. Zingano hits a takedown in the last ten seconds.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Zingano

    Round 2

    Pennington staying way on the outside. Zingano clinches and it is back against the fence. Each lady is throwing short knees from the clinch, but that is about all. Zingano finally gets the takedown and now has time to work from top position. When Zingano goes to knee on belly Pennington fights it off, but Zingano does get to mount after a few tries. Zingano has her back. Pennington is fighting hands to avoid the choke, but it is to no avail.


    Zingano defeats Pennington via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:32 of the second round.

Michelle Waterson vs. Lacey Schuckman

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    Round 1

    Schuckman comes forward from the outset. Schuckman throws punches to back Waterson up but eats a big shot and drops. Waterson tries a guillotine, but Schuckman gets on top and mounts. Waterson gives up her back to Schuckman. She is flattening out Waterson as she goes for the rear naked choke. Waterson fights out of the submission attempt. Waterson does work back to half-guard. Schuckman starts working on an Americana, but is unable to cinch it up. Waterson back in full-guard. Waterson goes for an armbar, but Schuckman gets out. Incredible scramble. Back to their feet they go. The round ends with Schuckman pressing Waterson against the cage.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Schuckman

    Round 2

    Schuckman tries to close the distance at the start of the round, but Waterson defends well and keeps on the outside. Waterson goes for an axe kick, but Schuckman catches and uses it to clinch with Waterson. Schuckman tries to take Waterson down, but Waterson ends up on Schuckman's back. Schuckman moves to her back and is in half-guard. Schuckman is just tying Waterson up. Schuckman gets to full-guard. Waterson finally gets to posture up in the final ten seconds.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Waterson

    Round 3

    Much more reserved start to the third round. Waterson tries a very fast spinning roundhouse kick but it misses. That could have made an all-time highlight reel had it hit. Schuckman hits close, but this time Waterson circles away from the fence. Waterson doing a good job staying off the cage in this round. Schuckman clinches with Waterson and is relentlessly trying to take this fight to the mat. Schuckman drags Waterson down. Big takedown late in the fight. Waterson sweeps! Going for an armbar lets Schuckman get back on top, but they get back to their feet. Waterson picking up the pace with her strikes. Schuckman clinches as the round ends.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Waterson, and the fight 29-28 Waterson


    Waterson defeats Schuckman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

Julia Budd vs. Danielle West

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    Round 1

    West comes out and wastes no time clinching with Budd. West briefly jumps guard, but changed her mind quickly. Budd and West are constantly exchanging position against the cage. Budd gets the takedown. Budd moves to mount with a lot of time to work. Budd is plastering West with elbows and the referee saves her from further damage.


    Budd defeats West by TKO at 2:32 of the first round.

Lynn Alvarez vs. Carla Esparza

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    Round 1

    Esparza shoots in and puts Alvarez down. Alvarez gets to guard, but Esparza passes to side control quickly. Alvarez gets back to half-guard. Esparza is smothering Alvarez right now. Alvarez tries to move and Esparza quickly moves to her back. Alvarez rolls to her back and it is a ground and pound party from Esparza. Alvarez is simply covering up and offering nothing else, but the referee is letting her work. He finally steps in to save Alvarez from the mauling.


    Esparza defeats Alvarez by TKO at 2:53 of the first round.

Ashley Cummins vs. Joanne Calderwood

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    Round 1

    Not much action to start the fight. Both fighters are throwing out punches in an attempt to gauge distance and their opponent's reaction. Cummins closes the distance and they are clinched on the fence. Calderwood separates. Half the round has past. Calderwood lands a knee to the body and Cummins is down. Referee steps in and this fight comes to an abrupt in.


    Calderwood defeats Cummins by knockout at 3:13 of the first round.

Amy Davis vs. Stephanie Frausto

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    Round 1

    Frausto immediately takes this to the ground. Ground and pound leads to a standing guillotine attempt. Davis takes her down, but Frausto is still attached to her neck. And it is over.


    Frausto defeats Davis via submission (guillotine choke) at :48 of the first round.

Jessamyn Duke vs. Marciea Allen

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    Round 1

    Duke opens up straight away with some jabs to establish distance. Duke is staying on the outside early, and Allen is making no attempt to get inside. Allen has Duke pressed against the fence. Duke doing a good job of defending the takedown, and trips Allen down. Duke falls in to half-guard and starts working from there. Allen gets into a better position, but in a scramble it is Duke that goes for a leglock. Allen gets out and is on top after pulling Duke's hair. Duke takes out her mouthpiece to tell the ref and eat a big right, but Duke transitions to an armbar! Allen taps!


    Duke defeats Allen via submission (armbar) at 4:42 of the first round.

Tecia Torres vs. Kaiyana Rain

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    Round 1

    Both women are making their pro debuts in this contest. Lots of movement from both women early on. Quick left kick from Torres, and it is returned by Rain. Torres catches a kick and lands a couple right hands. Rain backs Torres up to the fence and they are clinched. They are fighting for position and neither can gain the upperhand. Torres briefly moves up for a Thai clinch but abandons it quickly. There is a lot of work being put in with no result. Deadlocked in the clinch. Torres breaks from the clinch and lands a left as she was backing away. Good combination from Torres. She is unloading on Rain. Back to the clinch as the round ends.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Torres.

    Round 2

    The ladies exchange kicks and Torres circles away from the cage. Rain comes forward and back Torres up to the fence. The pace has slowed a bit. Torres lands a few punches and gets back out of harms way. Rain keeps coming forward, but it is Torres who is doing the better job of landing off the counters. Nice overhand right by Torres, but it gives Rain the opportunity to try a takedown. Torres stays upright with excellent takedown defense. Rain comes forward again, but Torres is the one who lands the strikes. Rain is doing a good job of pressing the action and closing the distance, but she is just not landing.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Torres.

    Round 3

    More of the same to open up the third. Rain closes the distance and gets tagged by Torres. These strawweights are in constant motion. Another big combination from Torres. She is countering extremely well. Rain with another takedown attempt that is stopped. No urgency from Rain just yet. Rain clinches against the fence. Torres landing a few knees from the clinch as Rain tries to get some kind of advantage. Torres throws a couple punches but not many land, and Torres exits from the fence with ease. "The Tiny Tornado" is making an impressive debut. Rain is busted up. Bodylock by Rain, but she cannot get Torres down. Torres catches and kick from Rain. Rain gets a headlock and tries to throw Torres down, but Torres gets her back and the fight ends.

    Bleacher Report scores the round 10-9 Torres, and the fight 30-27 Torres.


    Torres defeats Rain by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Ediene Gomes vs. Katalina Malungahu

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    Round 1

    Malungahu throws overhand rights to start the fight. She lands one and backs Gomes up. Gomes felt the power and wants nothing more to do with the stand-up and goes for the takedown. Gomes works for a leg, but Malungahu gets out of danger. Gomes working from top position. Malungahu pushes Gomes away and gets back to her feet. Another right from Malungahu lands. Gomes with a takedown to get the fight back to the mat. Gomes with some good ground and pound. Gomes passes to full mount. Malungahu gives up her back and Gomes tries for the rear naked choke. Malungahu survives and Gomes is back in mount. Some big punches from Gomes. She sinks in the rear naked this time and forces the tap from Malungahu.


    Gomes defeats Malungahu via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:19 of the first round.