The Doctor's WWE Smackdown Recap: The Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2012

The Doctor's WWE Smackdown Recap: The Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

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    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list.

    I tried a bit of a different format the last couple of weeks, which was met with mixed results. I appreciate everyone who offered feedback. I am still tinkering.

    The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

    I try and interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the show.

Intro and Kofi/Truth vs PTP

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    1. And we are live (pre-taped) with this week's SmackDown.
    2. Lilian Garcia brings out Big Show right at the top of the show.
    3. Show talks about how Sheamus won't be prepared for him at Hell in a Cell.
    4. Big Show shows him own video package of him dominating opponents.
    5. Oh my God! Sheamus came out. I am shocked.
    6. I'm still waiting on the development of a font specifically for sarcasm.
    7. Sheamus says "May the best man win", and he sticks out his hand for a shake.
    8. Show shakes his head and walks away.
    9. Sheamus shows a clip of Daniel Bryan cashing in on Big Show.
    10. After that, Sheamus shows another clip of himself beating D-Bry in 18 seconds.
    11. I am starting to think Sheamus has an unhealthy obsession with Daniel Bryan.
    12. This brings Show back to the ring.
    13. This time he sticks out his hand for the shake and Sheamus is the one thinking about it.
    14. Sheamus walks past him and leaves. I am not sure I get Sheamus' plan here.
    15. WWE is doing another champion vs. champion match with Sheamus vs. Miz. Nice.
    16. Kofi and Truth are out next for a match against Prime Time Players.
    17. I honestly do not think the loss of AW has been as bad for PTP as people thought it would. They have enough of their own swagger to be without a manager.
    18. Speaking of Swagger, I wonder when he is coming back and what his new approach will be?
    19. The increased focus on tag teams has been really refreshing lately. I am loving how they are being featured on every show lately.
    20. Kofi and Darren Young start off, and Kofi uses his quickness to get the early advantage.
    21. Truth gets the tag and hits a dancing leg drop on Young.
    22. Titus gets the tag, and they double team Truth to get a near fall.
    23. PTP keep on Truth, but they can't keep him down for the three.
    24. Truth hits a heel kick to Young, and both men are down.
    25. Kofi gets the hot tag and hits a springboard clothesline on Young.
    26. Kofi knocks Titus off the apron and hits all his usual signatures on Young.
    27. Kofi drops the Boom and goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but he gets distracted by Titus.
    28. PTP pull a fast one on Kofi, and he ends up eating a gut-buster from Young.
    29. PTP win the match and advance to face Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in the semifinals.
    30. Even though it was a pretty textbook tag match, it wasn't bad. Both teams looked solid, and I didn't see any mistakes by either side.
    31. I really hope Truth eventually turns heel on Kofi so he can go back to using his craziness in the best possible way.

Primo vs. Ryback

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    32. After the break, we get a match between Primo and Ryback.
    33. Primo tries for a go-behind, but Ryback just pulls him off and throws him over his shoulder with ease.
    34. Primo gets planted with a boot to the chest.
    35. Wow. Primo had on a front facelock and Ryback lifted him in the air and held him there for about 20 seconds.
    36. Primo is over 200 pounds. That is no easy feat for anyone.
    37. Ryback stops Epico from attacking and he military presses Primo back into the ring.
    38. Ryback hits his finisher and gets the win.
    39. I really hate his finisher. I have never liked it and I don't think it looks that impressive to just fall backwards with someone on your shoulders.
    40. He should be using that double powerbomb or clothesline from Hell as his finisher in my opinion.
    41. I will admit that I am coming around to the character of Ryback. He is showing improvement in the ring, and he has potential at being the next powerhouse to get to the top.
    42. He just needs to get new music, a new finisher, a manager to talk for him and some real matches.
    43. CM Punk and Paul Heyman are shown backstage looking for Dolph Ziggler.
    44. I wonder who would turn face if those two had a feud?
    45. Punk and Ziggler could be the next great feud.

Layla vs Alicia Fox and Backstage Segment

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    46. Layla is out after the break for a match against Alicia "Foxxy Mama."
    47. Layla gets a near fall right off the bat with a rollup.
    48. The two have a nice little exchange in the corner which ends with a low dropkick to Alicia's face.
    49. Layla smacks Fox in the butt before hitting a very unique pinning combination for a near fall.
    50. Fox takes control and turns up the aggression by attacking the knee of Layla.
    51. Alicia bridges a suplex for another near fall.
    52. Why is the crowd dead? This is actually a good Divas match.
    53. These two have some good chemistry and seem to be utilizing more traditional wrestling moves, which I love seeing.
    54. Layla hits a crossbody out of the corner, but can't get the cover.
    55. Layla ends up hitting the Chick Kick out of nowhere for the win.
    56. The last two Divas matches have been pretty good. I hope this is a trend that continues.
    57. After the match, Matt Striker interviews Layla in the ring about her upcoming rematch with Eve for the title.
    58. We go backstage to see CM Punk confront Dolph Ziggler about bailing on their match on Monday. Punk came in on his day off to confront him, apparently.
    59. Booker gets in between them and makes a match between them for tonight.
    60. This is what I was hoping for. Booker just made his best decision since becoming GM.
    61. I think Punk just unintentionally made an Office Space reference.

Wade Barrett vs. Jobber

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    63. What a total waste of someone who could really be adding some flavor to the main event scene right now.
    64. I think Guy Ritchie could really use Barrett in a film. I don't know why, but I see him as being able to play an English mobster really, really well.
    65. Barrett dominates the whole two minute match, except for three punches by the jobber.
    66. Barrett sits him on the top rope and just pushes him out onto the floor.
    67. He pretty much picks the kid up by the nose and hits The Souvenir for the win.
    68. Josh Matthews hypes the champion vs. champion match for after the break.
    69. I love this commercial for the CM Punk DVD. I think it is going to go down as one of WWE's best DVD releases.

Sheamus vs. Miz

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    70. Miz's new "Haters love me" shirt is a little too simple. It is missing something.
    71. After the bell, both men try to size each other up, and Miz gets Sheamus in the corner for some hard right hands.
    72. Sheamus turns it around and pounds Miz to the ground.
    73. Sheamus gets a one-count on Miz after a slam.
    74. Miz ends up throwing Sheamus out of the ring and then hitting a knee lift as Sheamus tried to get back in.
    75. Miz keeps up the aggressive style and throws Sheamus into the ring post.
    76. Miz locks in a rear chinlock, but Sheamus powers out only to eat a backbreaker/neckbreaker from Miz for a near fall.
    77. Sheamus fights back and hits a rolling senton.
    78. Miz ends up dropkicking Sheamus' knee and then hits the short DDT for a close two-count.
    79. Sheamus gets up in the corner and Miz runs at him, only to get caught in the Irish Curse Backbreaker.
    80. Sheamus hits the Irish Hand Grenades on Miz, and you can almost instantly see a welt form on Miz's chest.
    81. This is a pretty good match so far. Good back-and-forth with Miz looking equal to Sheamus for most of the match.
    82. Sheamus hits White Noise and sets up for The Brogue Kick.
    83. Big Show's music hits and he walks towards the ring while Miz is still trying to get up.
    84. She gets on the apron and hits the WMD on Miz.
    85. Sheamus loses by DQ, and Big Show taunts Sheamus from the ramp, talking about mind games.

In-Ring Segment and Team Hell No vs Del Rio and Otunga

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    86. David Otunga is in the ring after the break.
    87. He says he is speaking for the locker room, and then he shows a clip of what happened after SmackDown last week with Alberto Del Rio attacking Randy Orton.
    88. Otunga thanks Del Rio for having the courage to stand up to Orton.
    89. Del Rio comes out to Orton's music, and he pretends to be Orton with the slow walk and 1000-mile stare.
    90. He even does the corner pose. This is kind of funny.
    91. I think this might be the most entertaining thing Del Rio has done in months, and all he is doing is mimicking Orton.
    92. Hahahaha. He even introduces himself as Randy Orton at first.
    93. Del Rio talks about how Orton is too scared to face him.
    94. Del Rio says he is the new Apex Predator in the WWE, and then he drops the mic and does the Orton pose.
    95. Can "Ortoning" become a thing, like "Tebowing?"
    96. Let's try and get this going. Take a picture of yourself doing the Orton pose and tweet it to @BR_Doctor with the hashtag #Ortoning and I will retweet them.
    97. I would love it if this somehow made it on WWE TV with people's pics being shown.
    98. Booker comes out and makes a match between Del Rio and Otunga against Kane and Daniel Bryan.
    99. After the break, we see Bryan and Otunga start things off.
    100. Otunga slams Bryan right off the bat.
    101. Bryan comes back with quick kicks and a running elbow, followed by a corner dropkick to Otunga.
    102. Bryan mocks Otunga with some poses. It was funnier than it sounds.
    103. Otunga ends up tagging in Del Rio, and they team up on Bryan in the corner.
    104. Del Rio grounds Bryan in a headlock for a bit.
    105. Was the joke Michael Cole made about Ricardo Rodriguez mowing Del Rio's lawn racist?
    106. Kane gets the tag, and he works over Del Rio.
    107. He hits the diving clothesline on Del Rio and then he stops Bryan from tagging himself in.
    108. Del Rio uses the distraction to hit an enziguri on Kane for a near fall.
    109. Otunga tags in, but he just ends up getting a chokeslam from Kane and a flying headbutt from Bryan.
    110. Bryan tagged himself in before the headbutt, and he gets the pin on Otunga for his team.
    111. Kane and Bryan argue after the usual.
    112. We need some more movement on this storyline before it gets stale.

Tensai vs. Big Show

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    113. Teddy is backstage with Eve, and he is saying he never told her to go out and suspend Beth Phoenix and Eve says he did.
    114. Teddy says he can see right through her.
    115. There is a perverted joke there, but I don't know what it is.
    116. Booker walks in right as Teddy is saying something about being in charge and he takes it the wrong way.
    117. Booker sends Eve away, and then he reprimands Teddy for arguing with Eve.
    118. After the break, we get Big Show vs. Tensai.
    119. Did they ever say what happened to Sakamoto or did they just quietly drop his worshipper character?
    120. Tensai takes it to Show with hard right and headbutts right out of the gate.
    121. Big Show plants Tensai int he corner and hits one big chop to Tensai's chest.
    122. Show sends Tensai out of the ring to the floor.
    123. He runs over Tensai outside the ring with a big shoulder block, and then he rolls Tensai back in the ring.
    124. Big Show misses an elbow drop, and Tensai hits the running senton for a two-count.
    125. Tensai misses Show in the corner and Big Show hits a giant spear.
    126. Sheamus runs down and hits The Brogue Kick on Tensai to make it even with Show from earlier.
    127. Tensai wins by DQ. That is his biggest win in months. Sad.
    128. So who were we supposed to cheer for in that match?
    129. Heel vs. Heel matches only work if they are really good.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    130. We get a cool video package in preparation for the main event of CM Punk vs. Dolph ZIggler.
    131. After another break, we finally start the main event. This is a heel vs. heel match that will be very good.
    132. The two square off in the middle of the ring and argue about respect.
    133. Punk slaps Ziggler and then locks in a headlock.
    134. Ziggler reverses into a headlock of his own.
    135. Ziggler hits a shoulder block and follows up with his trademark dropkick.
    136. Both men go for their finishers and both men break free, so it ends in a standoff as we head to commercial.
    137. We see Punk with a waistlock on Ziggler after the break.
    138. The two do a little chain wrestling ending in Punk holding Ziggler in a headscissors.
    139. Ziggler breaks out and puts on a headlock.
    140. Punk hits a back suplex to break free, and the two start climbing the ropes and slugging it out on the top turnbuckle.
    141. They end up knocking each other off the top to the floor.
    142. The ref begins the count as Vickie and Heyman try and get their men back in the ring.
    143. They both make it and they start slugging it out.
    144. They trade some rollups and Punk argues with the ref about Ziggler pulling the tights.
    145. Ziggler jumps up and takes Punk down with a DDT for a near fall.
    146. Punk misses a roundhouse and Ziggler hits the Fame-asser for another near fall.
    147. Just as I thought. I love this match.
    148. Punk hits the second roundhouse attempt and gets his own near fall.
    149. Heyman holds the WWE title up high as Punk hits the high knee and a corner clothesline.
    150. What happened to the bulldog?
    151. Punk climbs to the top rope, but he takes too long and Ziggler stops him.
    152. Ziggler throws Punk across the ring, but he misses wildly in the corner with a splash and Punk ends up hitting the GTS for the pin and the win.
    153. Great match. WWE has a handful of superstars that simply never have bad matches and these are two of them.
    154. After the match, Punk grabs a mic and he says he knows what everyone wants.
    155. He thinks we all want to see him face John Cena in Hell in a Cell so he can gain respect.
    156. He ends up saying he will not be facing Cena again.
    157. Very anti-climactic.

Final Thoughts

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    158. The show as a whole was alright.
    159. I liked a few matches, but the two DQ finishes bother me. They could have had Sheamus repay the loss next week to extend the storyline instead of taking up time for two matches that both ended dirty.
    160. Dolph Ziggler, as always, was the highlight of the show.
    161. He is starting to become my favorite current WWE superstar. I always enjoy the things he is a part of.

    I leave you with a tout from JBL from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Congratulations, John.