Marty So Sad

chris saccoContributor IMarch 8, 2009

The picture says it all. Finally, justice in the hockey world. The great Marty gave up six goals on 26 shots through two periods before being replaced by Kevin Weekes.

In a 7-3 loss Brodeur was once again outplayed by the oppositions goalie, this time being Joey MacDonald of the NY Islanders. Only this time the Devils were unable to come to the aid of their failing goaltender, and the better man won. Maybe Marty has the jitters from hearing of Avery's return to the Rangers. A Rangers team who have been playing better and will be facing the Devils at the end of the month. A Rangers team who dominated the Devils and Brodeur all of last season, which continued into the first round of the playoffs.

Despite giving up 38 shots and only generating 28 shots of their own, the last place Islanders hit the back of the net 7 times. One of the goals being an empty net goal in which Bergenheim made the Devils backchecking look silly. With two Devils standing there looking at him, and another laying on the ice, Bergenheim scores an empty net short handed goal with less than one second remaining.

The third of the game for Bergenheim. The only thing sweeter than that goal being Bergenheim's first hat trick, was the sour look on Brent Sutter's face, and the look of utter dissappointment on Marty's face.

The Devils regained more control in the third period by scoring a power play goal and reverting back to the trap, which only allowed Weekes to face one shot. But it wasn't enough to take down the last place team. MacDonald faced 16 shots in the third and wasn't about to let the game get away from him.