UFC on FX 5 Results: Grades for All Main Card Fighters

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistOctober 6, 2012

UFC on FX 5 Results: Grades for All Main Card Fighters

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    UFC on FX 5 was a pretty drama-filled event for the UFC. Between Dennis Hallman's release and Jeremy Stephens' incarceration, Zuffa needed the fights to entertain, and that's exactly what they did.

    From the very first fight on Fuel to the main event between Travis Browne and Antonio Silva, fans were treated to some of the best action the UFC has to offer. The night saw a No. 1 contender crowned for the UFC's flyweight title and some young fighters pick up some key wins. 

    Some surprising moments happened as well. Jacob Volkmann finished his fight by submission and back-to-back come-from-behind victories occurred in the prelims. 

    With so many impressive performances, let's take a look at the grades for the main card.

Josh Neer: D

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    I stand by what I said in my predictions. I love watching Josh Neer fight. The result of this fight didn't change that. 

    However, his performance was a disappointment as I thought there would be more violence before the finish. I respect Neer for going to sleep instead of tapping, but he shouldn't have been caught in that guillotine in the first place. 

    It's obvious that we've seen the best Josh Neer has to offer. He's a fun fighter that is willing to go out and lay it on the line, but he's not able to compete with the best of the division. 

    As for the grade? He didn't really show all that much besides a lazy takedown. He gets a D. 

Justin Edwards: A

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    A big part of my Josh Neer pick was because I wasn't really all that familiar with Justin Edwards. That's not Edwards' fault per se, but it also means that he isn't really all that memorable in his UFC fights. 

    That was a really nice guillotine, and the technique he used to synch it up shows that he has some skills on the ground. 

    I'd like to see more of him so I can make a real decision on if I'm impressed or not but for now, I'll say that it was a great performance with a solid finish. 

Jussier Formiga: C-

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    Prior to the knockout, I thought that Jussier Formiga looked good in his UFC debut. He showed absolutely zero signs of Octagon jitters and was doing well avoiding most of John Dodson's strikes in the first round. 

    Speaking of that first round, it wasn't entertaining. Neither fighter pressed the action. I guess that's mildly understandable since they were fighting for a title shot. Just disappointed that neither wanted to really engage. 

    The knockout was pretty devastating and I'm annoyed that the referee allowed Dodson to throw leather to an unconscious Formiga. Hopefully, he recovers well and is back to fight again soon. 

John Dodson: A-

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    Yes, that was a great knockout. Yes, Dodson avoided a lot of Jussier Formiga's offense. 

    However, when people are booing fights, it's a good indication that maybe the fight isn't all that fan-friendly. I can't really take anything away for Dodson fighting smart and not putting himself in danger, but I don't have to be excited about the bout. 

    I think that the fight with Demetrious Johnson will say a lot about how much fans accept flyweight fights in the future. He needs to bring his best, or the division may just be too far gone to salvage as far as excitement and acceptance. 

Jay Hieron: C

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    I was pretty disappointed in the fight between Jay Hieron and Jake Ellenberger. Prior to tonight, both had a tendency of finishing fights in devastating fashion. 

    That isn't what happened. Instead, Hieron and Ellenberger fought a very slow fight with very little action. Hieron is still incredibly athletic, but he's not able to compete against the best that the UFC has to offer.

    The fight with Ellenberger was just too much and really proved that Hieron's best days are behind him. 

Jake Ellenberger: B

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    I get that Jake Ellenberger was in need of a win, but that wasn't a Jake Ellenberger fight. He fought a timid and safe fight, and that's just not what people come to expect of Ellenberger. 

    I can respect that he picked up a win over a very tough and crafty veteran when he needed to, but really, Ellenberger didn't live up to his reputation. 

    The grade is for picking up a win. It would have been higher had he won in dominating fashion. 

Travis Browne: C-

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    There's no doubt that Travis Browne is one of the most athletic heavyweights in the world. The fact that he's throwing spinning wheel kicks like Edson Barboza is proof of that.

    Unfortunately, he also showed that there is a reason why heavyweights don't throw those kind of kicks, as it cause him to blow out his knee. 

    Throwing flashy techniques is impressive, but there has to be a line. 

    Browne had all the tools to beat Antonio Silva. By trying to put a stamp on this fight, he ultimately caused his own demise.

    Props to Browne for staying optimistic at the post-fight press conference. I can't wait to see him fight again. 

Antonio Silva: A

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    It's easy to discount Antonio Silva after his performances against Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez. In both of those fights, Silva was made to look like a complete amateur and cause some to doubt if he belonged in the UFC. 

    Tonight's win over Browne was the first step in repairing his reputation. Detractors could point out that he only beat Browne because of the knee injury, but that really doesn't account for the power in his hands and how vicious he was on the ground. 

    It may be too soon to put Silva in the cage opposite the best in the sport, but he can definitely hang at the bottom half of the top 10.