UFC on FX 5 Results: What We Learned from Josh Neer vs. Justin Edwards

Vince CareyContributor IOctober 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Lee Whitehead/ MMA Weekly
Photo Credit: Lee Whitehead/ MMA Weekly

When the UFC threw a fight between Josh Neer and Justin Edwards on the main card, I’m guessing they were expecting a brawl.

That’s usually the case with any fight involving Neer, and Edwards has proven to be an exciting fighter as well, which made this fight a potential candidate for a bonus check when the night was over.

However, Edwards came out stronger than anyone could have imagined and rushed Neer out of the gate, landing a few shots before sucking in a tight guillotine choke.

Neer fought out of it while he could, but Edwards had the submission locked-in too deep and eventually “The Dentist” went to sleep.


What we learned about Josh Neer

Honestly, there isn’t much we can take away from this fight.

Neer is usually a game fighter, but Edwards came out a bit too strong and the Iowa based fighter just couldn’t react quickly enough to give himself a chance to win the fight.


What we learned about Justin Edwards

Apparently “Fast Eddy” isn’t just a nickname.

The quick stoppage win brings Edwards to 2-2 inside the Octagon, and now that he’s earned his first stoppage win since joining the UFC roster he has a shot to try and get himself a fight with another name opponent at 155.


What’s next for Josh Neer

The loss marks the second in a row for “The Dentist”, but Neer is too exciting for the UFC to let walk away.

Lance Benoist recently dropped a fight at UFC 152, and since the UFC loves to put their fighters in win or go home situations, it makes a lot of sense for Benoist and Neer to fight for their jobs in the near future.


What’s next for Justin Edwards

Edwards was pretty impressive against Neer, but his average record in the Octagon means he is going to have to keep slowly working his way up the welterweight ladder.

At UFC 152, Sean Pierson got a much needed win and he'd make a tough opponent for Edwards. 

Throw in the fact that Pierson usually fights on his home soil in Canada, and Edwards could be in for the toughest test of his career.