The Buffalo Bills Are Not "Taking a Chance" With Terrell Owens

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 8, 2009

Are the Buffalo Bills taking a major chance by signing Terrell Owens? If you are one of the people who have legitimately asked that question, I warn you not to read on much further. I don't mean to offend anyone, but someone has to stand up and put an end to the idiocy.

A risk?

What risk exactly might the Buffalo Bills be taking by signing Owens?

A risk that their offense might actually produce? A risk that the team might finally sell some jerseys? Or is it a risk that they may have finally given the good people of Buffalo something to get excited about?

Don't give me a load of crap about Owens being such a horrible team distraction. That common misconception was enough to make the Dallas Cowboys pay to get rid of their most productive player.

What did he do that was so horrible in Dallas?

He had a conspiracy theory that his team's offense was trying to cut him out of the loop? Whether or not that paranoia had any basis in reality, so what? The guy's a little paranoid. What was so distracting about that?

Don't blame  Owens. Blame ESPN for constantly covering that vital issue over and over again.

Am I to believe that drama was allegedly so thick that it did more harm than the good that came from his 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns in only three seasons?

Let's not be stupid people.

The other members of the Dallas Cowboys are real people with real lives. They have to worry about their mortgages, wives, and children. I highly doubt that Owens was on the top of their stress lists.

Football players who have been playing football for their entire lives are more than capable of playing the sport they get paid millions of dollars to play without being distracted by seeing their teammate on ESPN every five minutes.

But no, some idiot would mention that the Cowboys are 0-2 in the playoffs since Owens' arrival.

Well, I got news for anybody who throws out that genius statement—the Dallas Cowboys have not won a playoff game since 1996.

In those 12 years without winning a playoff game, they spent six of those seasons not even qualifying for the playoffs.

News flash, they were 0-2 (in 1998 and 1999) under Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin! Why wasn't anyone saying they should get rid of the triplets? The answer being that it would be stupid to get rid of the people who got you there in the first place.

It's the same with Owens.

How well do you think the Cowboys do if you take away his 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns?

Yet, the media has the gall to place blame on Owens for the fact they haven't won a playoff game, paying no mention to the fact that the Cowboys played nine seasons prior to Owens arrival and had a 0-3 postseason record in the process.

I'll tell you what Owens does for the Buffalo Bills.

He makes them a better football team.

He's going to contribute to their chances of winning by making catches and scoring touchdowns. He will command double coverage and make his teammates' lives easier by playing under less pressure and less coverage.

In the process, people will begin to care about the Buffalo Bills. They will have a good opportunity in 2009 to win some football games, and the fact is that they have a better chance of doing so with Owens.

Was signing Owens a risk?

Yeah, it was a risk.

With his arrival, the Buffalo Bills might actually become relevant.