UFC on FX 5 Results: 5 Fights for Shane Roller to Take Next

McKinley NobleCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2012

Expect Shane Roller's next fight to be a loser-leaves-town situation now that he's lost to Jacob Volkmann.
Expect Shane Roller's next fight to be a loser-leaves-town situation now that he's lost to Jacob Volkmann.Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Does Shane Roller still have a job with the UFC after losing to Jacob Volkmann?

If he does, he's hanging on by the edge of his teeth.

Getting submitted by a perennial preliminary fighter isn't good for your career, especially when that kind of one-sided loss puts your record at a disappointing 2-4 in the UFC.

If Roller's going to continue skimming along as a gatekeeper, he's most likely getting it done in a "loser-leaves-town" scenario.

Here's the five fighters that he could likely be facing next.

Aaron Riley

Is Riley's jaw fixed yet?

Regardless, he needs to earn his keep in his next fight. Taking on Roller is pretty much as worthwhile as fighting Cody McKenzie would've been at this point. 

Chris Saunders

Does the UFC have an interest in keeping "The So Cal Kid" around?

There's not much upside to wining against an Ultimate Fighter also-ran, but both are skimming the bottom of the shark tank.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Yves Edwards Loser

Whoever loses this fight is going to do so under the most non-ideal of circumstances, so they shouldn't get a killer on their rebound fight.

Roller could get the call to take the hard fight if Joe Silva wants to make a saving throw for one of his steady mid-carders.

Takanori Gomi vs. Mac Danzig Loser

Both of these guys have poor UFC win-loss tallies, but Gomi is far more disappointing.

Fighting Roller would be a gamble for either man, but a loss doesn't leave them many other beatable options.

Mitch Clarke

Canadian talent usually lives and dies on UFC's Canada cards, and Mitch Clarke could use a break after the strange knee injury that crippled him in the middle of his last fight. Give him Shane Roller, and see if he and put together a win.

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