UFC on FX 5 Results: 5 Fights for Bart Palaszewski to Take Next

Andrew Saunders@SaundersMMACorrespondent IIOctober 5, 2012

UFC on FX 5 Results: 5 Fights for Bart Palaszewski to Take Next

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    Bart Palaszewski is one of those featherweights who can't seem to find his footing since joining the Zuffa family. His record with the company is 5-5, and his loss today against Diego Nunes dropped "Bartimus" to 1-2 inside the Octagon.

    Palaszewski performed well against Nunes, threatening with submissions in the first round, and hurting him with strikes in the third, but it wasn't enough to earn the decision. 

    It is important to give Bartimus another fight in the UFC, because he has a fan friendly style and a great look which both will help him be marketable. For those reasons, it is important to book him against other fighters who are willing to stand and trade.

    Here is a look at five fights for Bart Palaszewski to take next.

Charles Oliveira

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    Once considered to be a threat to dethrone Jon Jones as the youngest champion in UFC history, Charles Oliveira kissed that dream goodbye when he was knocked out by Cub Swanson in September.

    A finisher who has only gone to the scorecards once in 20 fights, Oliveira is an interesting stylistic matchup for Palaszewski, who was grappled to death by Hatsu Hioki back in February.

    If Oliveira chooses to stand, this fight would be a pick-em, but his grappling should be well above that of Bartimus, and could get the youngster back on the right track.

Mark Hominick

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    Hominick is currently on a three-fight skid, and he has a bout scheduled against Pablo Garza in November. Assuming that he makes it out of that contest with his job, I think that a fight with Bart is just what the doctor ordered.

    The Canadian had trouble with the wild swinging Eddie Yagin earlier this year, but he does well when facing more technically sound opponents like Palaszewski. A standup battle between these two could produce an epic battle between two fighters who refuse to get knocked out.

Leonard Garcia

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    Speaking of fighters who swing for the fences, who does it better than Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia? The former WEC star hasn't won a decisive bout since 2008, but there are few in the world who are as consistently exciting inside the cage.

    A fight with Palaszewski is winnable for both men, and it's the type of fight that Garcia can use to get back on the right track. 

    Can the awesome power of Bartimus be the first to KO Garcia? Or will we get a Fight of the Year candidate between two guys who don't know the meaning of the word "quit"?

George Roop

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    I'm not trying to be mean to Bart Palaszewski by suggesting that he fight a series of featherweights who are already on the skids, but he has more in common with Roop than an unsuccessful last appearance.

    Both Palaszewski and Roop were unsuccessful in their attempts at taking out Japanese grappler Hatsu Hioki. If either had been successful, we might be talking about them in the divisional Top 10, instead of worrying if either will have a job.

    Each man has a fan-friendly style and would be happy to bang. Make this fight happen. It's a great first fight for a UFC on FX card.

Justin Lawrence

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    Sitting at 4-1 in his young career, Justin Lawrence is a talented striker who will continue to evolve and grow each time he steps into the cage. His style compliments that of Palaszewski, and it's an easy fight to market. After all, they do hold some of the biggest knockouts seen by the lighter weight classes.

    Perhaps a bout with a crafty veteran like Palaszewski would be a learning experience for Lawrence. However, if he can pull off the win, it won't be long before "The American Kidd" separates himself from the rest of the Ultimate Fighter alumni who fade into the background.

    This is my favorite choice of the five options to face Bad Bart. It's fun to think about and could end up being a real barn-burner.