This Day in History: WWE's First-Ever Hell in a Cell Match

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It was on this day 15 years ago that the wrestling world changed forever. It was the debut of WWE's Hell in a Cell match.

The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels had the task of entertaining and surviving the match that was billed to be "hell on earth."

They did it justice—and then some.

The 1998 classic at King of the Ring where Mick Foley got tossed off the top and through the cell always sticks out in fans' minds. I don't know if the first match ever gets enough credit.

Like many of the great Hell in a Cell matches, it would not be the first meeting between the participants.

After two months of feuding, the two legendary competitors would shed blood in the main event of the appropriately titled “Bad Blood” pay-per-view.

It wasn't common at this time to see a match end a pay-per-view that wasn't for the world title. This pay-per-view didn't feature a world title match, but nobody remembers or cares about that. The entire match had that big-fight, violent feel to it.

A surprise turn of events saw the competitors outside of the cage; the match travelled to the top of the cage, where a dangling Shawn Michaels would fall to the announcers table with Jerry “The King” Lawler screaming, “Incoming!”

A shocking twist topped the night off as the end of the match featured the debut of Kane.

When this match took place, I was more than satisfied. I don't know if I could have ever pictured more violence and “Oh my God!” moments from a Hell in a Cell match. As time went on, we would get more.

So appropriately, in three weeks, WWE will have another Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. As you watch, be sure to go back and remember those who shed blood to put the match on the map.

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