Raiders Offseason: Was DeAngelo Hall Worth It?

Max IasconeSenior Analyst IMarch 18, 2008

Well, it's nearly official now. The Raiders and newly acquired CB DeAngelo Hall have agreed to a seven-year contract worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million.

This deal will make Hall the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. And while Hall has 17 INTs in the last four years, Asante Samuel had 16 in the last two and will make $12 million less.

This turn of events currently begs the question, "Was it worth it?"

From a football standpoint, of course not. The Raiders have systematically overpaid for  unproven players like Tommy Kelly, and divas like Hall and Javon Walker.

However, that doesn't mean I don't love every move the Raiders have made, because I do. The recent influx of talent to Oakland symbolizes the return of a commitment to winning that has been sorely missed in for some time now.

The Raiders have languished in mediocrity without making any major moves (Randy Moss deal excluded) since 2001, and Al Davis' wave of spending shows he cares again. And that's all a fan could ask for.

Now Davis' heart is in the right place, all the Raiders need to do now is hire a competent negotiator.

Although I am aware these huge contracts will not be paid in full, the Raiders have spent upwards of $215 million this offseason.

Of course, Oakland's recent mediocrity has forced them to overpay people to play for them.

But the Raiders could have saved a lot of money (especially on the egregious contract given to the Kelly) had they negotiated instead of letting the players decide their own terms.

Normally, I would be fine with the Raiders' heavy involvement in free agency. However, Oakland still holds the No. 4 pick in the upcoming draft and I'm not sure where they will find enough money to shell out a top five pick contract.

Trading down would seem logical here, but with Davis at the reigns that won't be happening any time soon.

Since Hall is now the NFL's highest paid corner, Nnamdi Asomugha will want his piece of the pie soon, and Oakland may not have the financial resources to keep this team together.

So, was it worth it?

Yes it was, but there are still some questions lingering. And unless they are resolved soon, the Raider renaissance could be a short one.