Is Batista Going to Be at Wrestlemania XXV?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2009

I know Batista is the last person you would think would be showing up at Wrestlemania right about now, but it might actually happen! In a recent interview Batista said he is ready to get back to the WWE.

The only problem is until he is cleared to compete by his doctors the WWE won't let him back in. And there's not a big chance that he will be cleared in time for Wrestlemania, but if he is I have a few scenarios that The Animal could play.


Surprise Money In The Bank Addition

If Batista is medically cleared they could only qualify 7 men for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and then leave one spot open so they can shock the world at Wrestlemania XXV by putting The Animal in the last spot.

They would let Batista win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match so later on, if Orton becomes World Champion, they can set up a match of Orton vs. Batista.

Or maybe when Cena is the champion, Batista could challenge him and win.

Or the ultimate scenario which goes something like this...Batista is the eighth man in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, he wins the Money In The Bank, Edge retains the World Title, HHH retains his title, Raw is left without a major title, Batista cashes in Money In The Bank to defeat Edge and bring the World Title back to Raw! This is probably the best role The Animal could play!


The Destruction Of Orton (and maybe Legacy)

Batista could also play the role of helping Triple H destroy Randy Orton. Both HHH and Batista have the same role right now and that's to beat the s*** out of Orton.

So maybe at Wrestlemania, Batista will assist The Game in the Destruction of Orton and his group Legacy!


Cena becomes Champ

As you all know Batista and Cena are good friends not just in the script, but in real life. So if John Cena can get himself in the match for the World Title at Wrestlemania, maybe The Animal can help Cena win back the World Title and bring it to Raw! 

If that happens obviously Batista is going to want to win the title from him and that'll set up a great match for Backlash, Batista vs. Cena.

If the Animal does go to Wrestlemania, I think those are the best things he can do!