Constructing Five New WWE Tag Teams

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2012

Constructing Five New WWE Tag Teams

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    The revival of the tag team division is in effect, and eight tag teams are currently looking toward Team Hell No's gold.

    Some of the teams have been thrown together, but some of them are established teams now getting spotlight.

    It has given duos like Epico and Primo and the Usos some much needed TV time to help promote the previously ill division.

    Here are five tag teams that could continue to help the division grow.

Brute Force

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    Members: Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan

    Ezekiel Jackson has been battling injuries all year and Mason Ryan has been kept off TV for quite a while. Both men need to improve on their in-ring skills, but together they could be a dominant tag team.

    Both men arguably have the best physiques in the WWE and look like a couple of bone crushers. In their respective returns to TV, they should join forces and become Brute Force.

    Both men are hard hitting, physical specimens. This team could be a threat for the tag titles at any time. 

Legacy 2.0

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    Members: Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig

    The first Legacy stable included Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. It was a pretty solid stable of guys who have a history in the business.

    Having a reincarnation of the stable would not only help the returning Ted DiBiase, who has been lost since returning, but also Michael McGillicutty (aka Joe Hennig).

    The two could be heels, with McGillicutty coming out to help DiBiase beatdown a face. He could then cut a promo about running away from his heritage as Mr. Perfect's son.

    From there, he could embrace the last name Hennig and use the name to gain notoriety. 

Wrecking Crew

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    Members: Brodus Clay and A-Train

    With the displeasure of Vince McMahon in the direction of both Tensai and Brodus Clay's characters, one possibility is to put the two monsters together in a monster heel tag team.

    During a match, Tensai could lose to an opponent and beat him down after the match. While this is happening, Brodus Clay could run down to seemingly stop him.

    After a staredown in the ring, they could continue the assault with one another and cut a promo. Tensai could embrace the Albert chants and say he was acting like something he was not with his Japanese gimmick.

    Clay could say he is tired of smiling and dancing with kids when he is losing to the likes of Big Show and Antonio Cesaro.

    This could lead to a massive push for their heel team.

Quik Stryke

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    Members: JTG and MVP

    With the potential for an MVP return, it would be great to see MVP help put over another struggling superstar like JTG.

    The two have potential for great in-ring chemistry and are both incredibly athletic. They wouldn't need to have a "stereotypical" gimmick or anything like that, but could just be their own personas.

    A return run in the tag division could help gain steam for MVP and make JTG relevant again. They would also be a joy to watch in the ring together.


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    Members: Booker T and Goldust

    Okay, so this is wishful thinking, but Booker T and Goldust were one of the most entertaining tag teams in the history of the WWE.

    Both were extremely over with the crowd and had surprisingly great chemistry. In fact, Booker T was feuding with Cody Rhodes over a year ago. They had a sort of reunion when Goldust (now as Dustin Runnels) joined Booker T in the ring while he was cutting a promo with Rhodes.

    It could be a short tag team run, but enough to give the tag division more steam. It would be a great reunion and a sight for sore eyes for older fans.