2012 NBA Rookie Class Re-Drafted Based on NBA2K13's Overall Ratings

BR5Daily ShowOctober 5, 2012

NBA2K13 is the most comprehensive basketball game on the market, and game developers spend a lot of time and effort analyzing players' skills, moves and, of course, overall ranking.

We decided to use the game to get a preview of the upcoming 2012 NBA rookie class and see how players like Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes and Jeremy Lamb stacked up to their virtual competition.

We dove into all the information that the game provided about each rookie and had an idea—what if we re-did the first 10 picks of the 2012 NBA draft based solely on how high they are ranked in NBA2K13? Who would fall and who would rise on the draft boards? We did a re-draft of the class using only NBA2K13, and see how differently the landscape of the league would be.

Not shockingly, a few of the players stayed in the same draft position, as the game developers' ratings agreed with real-life scouts and ranked them in a similar manner. The Top Three picks all stayed the same as Anthony Davis still went first overall to the New Orleans Hornets. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist went second overall to his current real life team the Charlotte Bobcats, and Bradley Beal still joined up with John Wall as the third overall pick to the Washington Wizards. 

Picks No. 4 through No. 10 begin to diverge from reality as the NBA2K13 ratings hold some other players in higher regard. 

Check out the video to see who jumped up a few spots and who fell completely out of the Top 10.