What's Happening with the BBC's F1 Coverage?

Sue RatcliffeContributor IMarch 8, 2009

Has anyone heard anything at all about the BBC F1 coverage? I would have expected some build-up by now at the very least and a season preview show introducing the presenters, commentators and so on must surely be planned?

Apart from the announcement that Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" was being dug up for the new season, I haven't heard a thing. On that subject, am I alone in thinking it would have been good to have something new?

The Chain was brilliant in its day but the BBC have an excellent opportunity to find something that will be relevant to today and to all the new F1 fans that weren't even born when the BBC last covered F1. Okay, it is just me.

All along, I have had the feeling that the BBC aren't committed to providing as good a show as we have come to expect from ITV (I know, I know, but adverts and James Allen aside, there wasn't very much wrong with ITV's coverage, was there?).

I hope it's just that I have just been out of touch and everyone else is aware of their plans for the race coverage, and if that is so please let me know because it's only three weeks, yes, three weeks until Melbourne and I can't wait. Was I screeching there? Sorry.

It has been a very long winter for us F1 fans and now we can almost smell the fumes from the cars as they line up on the grid. We need something to feed our addiction and we need it now.  So, come on BBC, where are you?


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