WWE: Wrestling's 8 Funniest Interview & Promo Bloopers Ever on Live TV

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WWE: Wrestling's 8 Funniest Interview & Promo Bloopers Ever on Live TV
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

There are few things in professional wrestling that get fans more excited than a perfectly executed promo. Not only can a great promo help build anticipation for a match or feud, but it can even take a wrestler from being a middle-of-the-road guy to a bona fide star.

With that said, fans can't help but enjoy a notably bad promo either. So much preparation and work goes into putting on a great show, but screw-ups show us that the superstars who we follow and idolize are human just like the rest of us.

Also, while a top-notch promo like CM Punk's pipe bomb may be remembered by wrestling fans forever, the same can be said about a historically bad botch. When they happen, I'm sure that the wrestlers making the mistakes are as embarrassed as can be, but it is better to be remembered for a slip-up than to be forgotten for doing nothing of note.

Live television has been a staple of professional wrestling for a very long time, so there was no shortage of bloopers to pick from, but here are the eight best interview flubs to ever take place in WWE and WCW specifically.

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