Is Lance Moore Worth a Second Round Draft Pick?

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

My question to all saints fan is simple. Do you think that letting another team pick up Lance Moore for a second round draft pick is worth it?

Think about it last season he was one of the main reasons that the Saints finished with the No. 1 offense other than Drew Brees. He came close to having his first 1,000 yard season and he caught as many touchdown passes as Terrell Owens did last year. He became what Marques Colston was back in 2006 for the Saints. I believe with the resigning of Henderson that the Saints should keep Lance Moore and that offense intact for one more season.

Now on the other note about the draft pick. Would you risk loosing a player like Lance Moore for an unproven player in the draft this year. Yes, I understand that the Saints don't have many draft picks this year. But last years' draft for the Saints was a great one and the moves that they have made this offseason have proven that they are ready to be this years' Arizona.

Thanks for reading my first article