Dana White: Stephan Bonnar Is a Dangerous Fight for Anderson Silva

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2012

Dana White - MMAFighting
Dana White - MMAFighting

UFC President Dana White has been around long enough to know not to underestimate Stephan Bonnar in his UFC 153 bout with Anderson Silva.

One of the most alluring aspects of MMA is the unpredictable nature of the sport. With such small gloves, and many ways to finish your opponent, the margin for error is minimal.

Silva is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world for a reason.

There has never been a fighter like him in the history of mixed martial arts. With a 15-0 UFC record, Silva has completely destroyed a multitude of world class names. The best term used to describe his skills: otherworldly.

Bonnar, on the other hand, has never stood out in any particular aspect of fighting. His strength lies in his indomitable spirit and ability to persevere.

The odds for the UFC 153 main event opened with Bonnar as a 13-to-1 underdog. White has taken criticism for even putting this fight together.

Silva is a world champion. Bonnar, who was retired before accepting the fight, has never even contended for a UFC title.

Why make this fight?

"There's nothing wrong with fun fights, you can put on some fun fights sometimes," White told ESPN.

"What people don't realize is what a huge 'Rocky' story this is for Stephan. [He's] been this guy that's been right there. So many times he's been so close. He's on a four-fight win streak, and he felt like there were no big fights for him and then boom, this opportunity pops up."


If Bonnar defeats Silva, it will be the biggest upset in UFC history. But the chances of that happening seem astronomical at best.

Still, longtime fans understand the danger of underestimating a fighter, especially one with a heart like Bonnar's. As cliché as it sounds, anything can happen in MMA.

How many people picked Matt Serra to upset Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69? What about Gabriel Gonzaga knocking out Mirko "Cro Cop" at UFC 70?

This is a defining moment in Bonnar's career. It may not be for a title, but he will have the rare opportunity to cement his place in history by knocking off quite possibly the greatest fighter in MMA history.

"I know Stephan Bonnar, and I know how much this means to him. He's going after it. He's going to try to win this fight. It's the biggest fight of his life," said White.

"He's going to be so much bigger than Anderson in this fight it's going to be crazy. Anderson has fought at 205 before. You saw what he did with Forrest [Griffin], but this is a completely different fight. This is a dangerous fight for Anderson."