WWE Monday Night Raw: Females Who Should Fill in for Jerry Lawler

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 6, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw: Females Who Should Fill in for Jerry Lawler

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    This is one of those slideshows that has some merit and was also are a lot of fun to do.

    It's getting closer to the holiday season. Last year, I wrote a slider about divas we could take home to meet mom. This year, I am shifting gears a bit and talking about sexy sports personalities and broadcasters who we would like to see behind the microphone until Jerry Lawler makes his triumphant return.

    Call this an ode to Lawler, who we all know loves the "puppies" and the divas of the business. We hope "The King" is sitting next to Michael Cole soon, but for now, these are some talking heads and gorgeous women who could fill in for him while he rests up.

    I'm sure he won't mind and might even enjoy the sights while he heals up.

Stacy Keibler

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    We miss her on television. Beautiful smile and long legs. We miss her moving down the aisle toward the ring, whether she was walking to the ring with The Dudleys or some other tag team.

    No, she wasn't the best wrestler among the divas on the WWE roster, but that is not what we watched her for.

    And her being on television again can be very profitable for the WWE. It will also allow us to know all the dirt on her and George Clooney.

    WWE further travels into the mainstream.

Maria Menounos

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    She's been here before and could do a great job again.

    This Greek beauty is a television host for Extra and Access Hollywood. And she has also gotten in the ring before, most recently at WM 28.

    Maria knows about the business and has broadcasting experience. She may be the most logical choice.

    And since she has proven she can beat the likes of Beth Phoenix, a return to the ring may not be that far off if the mood hits her.

The Bella Twins

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    If one female reporter is good, then two is even better.

    The Bella Twins left the company earlier this year and since then, the divas division has continued its downslide. Could a return to the anchor desk mean there could be a return to the ring?

    Who knows. But the WWE Universe would love to see "Twin Power" beck and action. And we all know neither of the girls have ever been shy about speaking their minds.

Velvet Sky

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    This would be a great "get" for the WWE.

    Velvet Sky is no longer a member of the TNA roster. And while she was picked over time and time again for the Knockout's Title, having her in the WWE would boost the ratings of Raw and possibly help promote the diva's division.

    A job in broadcasting could lead to an eventual match with Eve, which could help revive a division that has all but flatlined.

    And yes, she is still my favorite.

Trish Stratus

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    This is really a no-brainer for the WWE.

    Stratus worked with Tough Enough as a trainer and has been involved in movies in Canada. And she looks so damn fine.

    I would love to see her involved in some back-and-forth dialogue with someone like Alberto Del Rio at the announcer's table. Or if she was confronted by Eve or one of the other divas on the roster, she could surely hold her own.

    Stratus is a perfect fit for a return to Monday nights.

Traci Brooks

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    If you don't know about Traci Brooks, you are soon going to know about her.

    As a wrestler, manager, valet and enforcer in the Knockout's Division of TNA, Brooks did it all. The real-life wife of Kazarian, she knows the ins and outs of the business and can speak her mind when need be.

    She would be an awesome addition to the broadcast team and if she wore something like this on camera, Raw's ratings would go through the roof.

Jenn Brown

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    She knows her sports. As a college football reporter, Brown has been fashioned as a younger version of Erin Andrews.

    The former Florida Gator also is petite and cute and gives off the "girl next door" look. Kind of like a softer version of A.J. Lee.

    But she isn't crazy, to say the least.

    And she's oh so sexy.

Ines Sainz

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    A headcase with a body for sin. She causes a stir where ever she lands.

    Whether it is coverage of the Super Bowl or the Jets' locker room, Sainz is dressed to show off and bring all the attention to herself.

    And if you can find yourself paying attention to her journalism skills, you would see she might be more than a pretty face.

    But her outer appearance is what sports fans really tune in for. A diva covering divas in wrestling? What a concept.

Erin Andrews

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    She left football broadcasting for other endeavors. Maybe Vinnie Mac can interest her in a gig on Raw.

    I'm a Florida State graduate, but somehow this hottie could make me root for the rival Gators.

    The most recognizable face and name in female sports broadcasting, Andrews is a beauty who is really good at her job. And we all need a gorgeous blond in the business of wrestling.

    Maybe the one problem I could see about Andrews being a part of the WWE machine is she is a true journalist, and taking a walk toward the hokey side of wrestling may not be the easiest transition for her.

    But seeing her on the screen is worth the attempt,.

Stephanie McMahon

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    This is the best way to make sure the WWE is run the way she and her husband, Triple H, want it.

    McMahon is no stranger to the spotlight, and she has done plenty of work on screen. And she has gotten much better looking as she has gotten older.

    McMahon would also love a chance to get in the face of Paul Heyman again. Who knows, it could lead to Triple H and Brock Lesnar or even Triple H and CM Punk in a match for the WWE Title.