Current State Of Mets Starting Rotation After News Of Pelfrey's Leg Injury

Wendy AdairAnalyst IMarch 8, 2009

Yesterday, Mets fans received the alarming news that Mike Pelfrey will be out indefinitely after he experienced pain in his left leg after a bulllpen session.  Because it is still very early in Spring Training, these types of injuries are common and are to be expected. While it is considered just a strain at this point and should ease with rest, there is reason to be concerned, to a certain extent about the starting rotation because:

1)  Johan Santana is still not fully recovered from elbow discomfort, even though his bullpen sessions have so far been encouraging, until he proves himself in a game situation, we will not know his status.

2)  John Maine is not comfortable on the mound yet after his shoulder surgery.  Some of this may be due to his trying to be too perfect and in control, but his confidence level needs to be stronger in order for him to be effective.

3)  Oliver Perez, who is already erratic, is pitching for Mexico in the WBC, so time will tell his status, but of the starting pitchers, probably the least cause for concern.

4)  Mike Pelfrey will not pitch until he is pain free, hopefully not more than a few days.

With a MLB high of 16 players at the WBC and injuries occurring to those players who stayed behind in Port St Lucie for Spring Training, including Angel Pagan, Luis Castillo and Ryan Church, there is reason for Jerry Manuel and the Mets to be concerned, but like i said earlier, there is still plenty of time.