Toronto Blue Jays 2009 Preview

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 8, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays 2009 Preview:

The Toronto Blue Jays will no doubt be expected to take a step back in 2009. Although they will more than likely finish in the fourth spot of the AL East again, I can’t imagine them being above .500 while doing it. The Jays were just one of the victims of the Yankees’ free agent spending spree as they were unable to re-sign A.J. Burnett. Burnett was an important piece of that starting rotation, which really held the team together. Without him all the pressure falls on Halladay, and he cannot do it all. The lineup is shaping up nicely for the Blue Jays, but it most likely will not improve too much from last year as they have not made many changes.

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