Buffalo, Get Your Chicken Wings Ready!

Mark SimoncelliContributor IMarch 8, 2009

So this, morning the first thing I did when woke up was turned on the radio, just like I do any other Saturday.  On local sports radio WGR550-AM, a local anchor was talking about a report that a credible Web site had a rumor on it stating that Terrell Owens was on his way to meet with the Bills

I thought that the news of him even considering to sign with the team was a fantasy at best. Then I came to my senses quickly and thought, "Yeah right, that will never happen."

Then periodically through the day, I thought what if this would really happen, but then figured that it was just one of many rumors.

Laster that evening, I recieved a text message from the Bills, saying that they will be holding a press conference.  My first thought was crap that running back Marshawn Lynch was going to get suspended. 

And then it hit me and my heart stopped—Terrell Owens was going to be a Buffalo Bill. 

After that, I threw down my phone and ran to the computer and put on NFL.com.  The main headline was, "The Bills Land Owens."

It occured to me right there, as I read that headline, that I may be alive in one of the most important days in Buffalo Bills history.

So after a flow of constant text messages and channel surfing through every TV station, which were all covering the story,  I started to think of the pros and cons of the decision.



  • The Bills just got at least three wins better from last season.
  • The Bills just got one of the top five WR in the league.
  • The Bills just signed a free agent who was the top five in anything.
  • The Bills were a team on the ride flirting with being a contender, now they are contenders.
  • The Bills are a team with a nine-year playoff drought in a small market in a recession. T.O. will sell tickets.
  • The Bills had trouble selling tickets in Toronto last year. Again, T.O. will sell tickets.
  • The Bills, after showing life two seasons ago, sold a record amount of season tickets last year. Again, T.O. will sell even more tickets.
  • The Bills picked up at least one, if not two primetime games, which will bring in money and media.
  • Every media outlet locally and nationally will be covering every Bills practice, game, etc., something that they haven't seen in nearly 15 years.
  • Every Buffolonian has a T.O. jersey on his or her wishlist.


So then came the con time and I could only think of one.  With a young quarterback in Trent Edwards, T.O. might cause Garcia/McNabb/Romo syndrome. 

Will he kill a young quarterback with a bright future? 

I broke it down and he only did sign a one year contract, meaning he has to put up huge numbers and have no problems, or he will never see another big payday for the rest of his career.  As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons in every way possible..

As I drove home, two things stuck out in my head. The first was the following—who would you rather have, Boldin and Fitzgerald or Owens and Evans? At least there is a conversation in that argument now and the Bills have a much better running game, defense, and special teams. 

Am I saying the Bills are the next Cardinals? No, but at least now they will be competitive.  The Cardinals went 8-8 with six of their wins coming from their own division, but you can see what can happen when a team can be competitive going into any game. 

The second one is more of a joke, and that is either the Bills are going to get a lot better and make the playoffs, or Jauron will get fired.

Either way, this Bills season will be a productive one!