Fantasy Football: IDPs Winners & Losers

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2009

Derek Lofland has already addressed the impact free agency has had on Individual Defensive Player (IDP) leagues in his NFL's Winners and Losers column.

I will take a slightly different approach; I will just look at the impact of the signings. Since I am not signing the checks, these owners can pay whatever they want as far as I care.

First, two defensive players that spend very little time of the fantasy radar are on every football fan's mind. Football fans are a sentimental lot and for good reason. This sport brings out the best in us—a sense of honor, teamwork, and love for others.

So, it is no surprise that everyone has Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper, William Bleakley, and their families in their thoughts and prayers right now.

It does not matter whether we knew who they were before they were lost at sea or not. How their loss affects the teams they played should not be considered. What matters is that they were human beings with whom we have a connection, no matter how remote.

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