NBA Rumors: Ranking the Most Absurd Chatter Around the Association

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIOctober 5, 2012

NBA Rumors: Ranking the Most Absurd Chatter Around the Association

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    As the regular season approaches, the rumors surrounding the NBA just get more and more absurd. Now it's time to rank the worst of the lot.

    Absurdity does not necessarily mean that something is a lie, for something can be true and absurd at the same time. It is absurd that Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird during the first presidential debate. Yet, we all know it to be true because we all heard it happen.

    These rumors will be similar in some cases, while others will be downright false. Either way, they are absurd, at least in my view. You might disagree. But I must warn you: in my opinion, that would be absurd on your part.

5. James Harden Willing to Take Less

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    James Harden is still slated to be a restricted free agent at the end of the 2012-13 season, and there is an absurd notion out there that Harden might be willing to take less than max money in order to remain in Oklahoma City.

    According to Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman, Harden is willing to sacrifice:


    James Harden says he's still willing to sacrifice something to stay with the Thunder and says a max contract is not the goal.

    — Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) October 1, 2012


    The problem with this is simple. If Harden was willing to take a significantly lower amount to stay in Oklahoma City, then a deal would already be done. The fact that he still has not extended his deal is evidence that Harden is not willing to sacrifice enough.

4. Lakers Monitoring Kobe’s Minutes

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    The Los Angeles Lakers are led by Kobe Bryant, as he stated emphatically earlier this week. However, he is aging, so it looks like Laker head coach Mike Brown might want to limit his minutes.

    According to Mike Trudell of TWC Sports Net, Brown feels Bryant played too much last season:


    Mike Brown definitely wants to reduce Kobe's minutes this year. Acknowledges they were too high last year, feels team is now deeper.

    — Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) October 2, 2012


    Kobe was right when he said this is his team. No one is going to tell him he cannot play when he wants to. If Kobe approves of this, the season will go off without a hitch. But to imply that the decision belongs to Mike Brown solely is a complete fantasy.

3. Tracy McGrady Headed Overseas

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    Tracy McGrady has proven he is no longer the elite player he once was, though it is hard to believe that not a single NBA team would want him on their roster.

    According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, McGrady is considering playing in China during the 2012-13 basketball season. He reportedly would prefer to sign with an NBA team, and he will wait to see if one signs him before making a decision on China.

    This is absurd, even if it is true. McGrady is no spring chicken, but he definitely still has something to offer an NBA team, even if it's a role that is far down the bench.

    He should be signed by an NBA team, and I believe that he will.

2. Dwight Howard Doesn’t Care What Shaq Says

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    Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best centers of all time, but that does not mean Howard cares for his opinion.

    According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, Howard was not pleased with O’Neal stating that Andrew Bynum of the Philadelphia 76ers and Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets were better centers than the new Laker big man. Howard also basically accused O’Neal of being a hypocrite and stated that his time was up.

    This is preposterous. Maybe Howard should not care what O’Neal thinks, but it's hard to believe that he actually does not.

    When a player who you clearly looked up to your entire childhood criticizes you, you care on some level, especially when you come out so angrily in opposition to that player’s opinion.

1. Carmelo Anthony Willing to Sacrifice His Offense

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    Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s best scorers, but he has also been labeled a ball hog. While that characterization is over-the-top, it is clear that Anthony does enjoy having the rock in his hands.

    According to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Anthony stated that he is willing to sacrifice his scoring for the team, and that the Knicks need a more “well-rounded” offense. He also indicated that he cared more about winning than anything else.

    While I think Anthony is overly criticized for his “ball hog” attitude, I have to question his commitment here.

    All players have a certain way in which they feel comfortable playing. I know that Anthony said the right thing in theory, but can he really win by being a cog in an offense not built around him?

    More importantly, would he want to?

    My bet, the answer is no to both questions.