Tony Romo Doomed to Fail with Dallas Cowboys' Supporting Cast

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIOctober 4, 2012

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 01:   Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys walks off the field after throwing his fifth interception against the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium on October 1, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. The Chicago Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys 34-18. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys' supporting cast is going to cause the demise of Tony Romo.

Remember those five interceptions Romo threw in Week 4 against the Chicago Bears? How many were actually his fault?

One, or maybe two.

Romo is a good quarterback who is receiving no support from the players around him.

DeMarco Murray has failed to capitalize on the tremendous potential he showed last season. Murray has just 237 yards and one touchdown so far this season.

How can Romo succeed when there is no balance within the offense? He is being asked to throw more passes with each passing week of the season, and his stats are dropping accordingly.

And before everyone starts thinking these are just more excuses for the beleaguered Romo, think again.

Yes, Romo has made mistakes at critical moments of games and cost Dallas opportunities to win. However, those are the exception—not the rule.

Romo has thrown for 4,000 yards three times in his career. He has thrown at least 26 touchdowns in four of the past five seasons, and has thrown 10 or fewer interceptions in each of the past three.

Romo is not the problem on this team, but the failures of the players around him are.

When is Dez Bryant going to put his off-field issues behind him and become the supreme talent Jerry Jones was so eager to draft? Bryant has zero—count them—zero touchdowns this season. He has dropped passes, and even ran a wrong route against the Bears that resulted in a pick-six.

Jason Witten and Miles Austin have both battled injuries all season, resulting in inconsistencies in their performances.

Sure, some quarterbacks would be able to win in spite of these issues. Romo, however, needs continuity and stability.

He currently has neither.

With the short attention span and "what have you done for me lately?" mentality of Jones, the writing is on the wall.

Patience has to be wearing thin with Romo, who has now been at the reins of the franchise since 2005. 

But the frustration is misguided. The blame belongs with the supporting cast and its inability to help him week in and week out.

Romo is doomed to fail, and it is because of those around him.