WWE: Sit-Down Interview Between CM Punk and Steve Austin Mysteriously Pulled

Imaan JalaliFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2012

Screen capture courtesy of WWE, THQ and GameInformer.com
Screen capture courtesy of WWE, THQ and GameInformer.com

Since CM Punk's ascension to the top of the WWE ranks, fans have been clamoring for a dream match pitting him against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Punk has alluded to a possible bout down the line, as recently as the Oct. 1 edition of Raw when he made light of Jim Ross' "appreciation night."

Adding fuel to the fire of a potential collision is that, according to Daniel Pena of LordsofPain.net, WWE not only filmed a sit-down interview between Punk and Austin, moderated by Ross, but pulled it from its YouTube channel

Apparently, the interview—which was filmed during SummerSlam weekend in Los Angeles—runs approximately 12 minutes, features Punk and Austin discussing the upcoming WWE '13 video game as well as how a hypothetical match between them would turn out.

Specific highlights of the video reportedly include Austin singling out Punk and John Cena as being the only WWE superstars worthy of going toe-to-toe with "Stone Cold" and Punk proclaiming he would've been WWE champion during the Attitude Era—a comment met with skepticism by the "Rattlesnake."

As for why the video was removed, Mike Johnson of ProWrestling.net reports that "it is not 'the correct version' according to someone involved with THQ."

Similarly, PWInsider.com reports that the video was essentially "released too soon" and would be "released at some point again, but no idea when."

Certainly, it seems suspicious why WWE and/or THQ would order the video to be removed, especially one that would get fans talking and excited over a possible duel between arguably the two most outspoken WWE wrestlers of all time. Even if there is no such match in the cards, the video would at least get fans hyped for the release of WWE '13.

If WWE is exclusively to blame, it is reasonable to assume the company wants to keep the match under wraps for when the time is right, be it around WrestleMania 29 or 30. Not to mention, one could argue that at the moment, a Punk-Austin tease would only detract from the "Best in the World's" current and foreseeable feuds with Cena and likely The Rock, respectively.

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