NFL Predictions Week 5: 3 Favorites Guaranteed to Be Upset

Brandon AlisogluCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 30:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles prior to a game against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 30, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

We see it every week, some NFL favorite saunters into the game and gets beat. That's the whole basis behind the phrase "any given Sunday."

Week 5 provides a few games in which some whipper-snappers will turn the tables on a paper lion. So let's take a look at this week's top underdogs.


Philadelphia Eagles (+3.5) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Everyone is focused on the return of Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and Rashard Mendenhall. All of these players will boost the talent level of the Steelers roster, but none of them play on the offensive line.

Additionally, that focus detracts from the developments occurring in Philadelphia.

Andy Reid made a cryptic statement regarding Michael Vick's job security. Vick's response was one of maturity: message received.

Vick handled the pressure from the outside as well as that created by the New York Giants. He stayed within the game plan and let the other Eagles shine in the victory. 

If Vick now understands that he doesn't need to force anything for Philly to win, the Eagles are suddenly a very dangerous team.


San Diego Chargers (+4) vs. New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton will be at the game, but he won't be coaching. I have no idea why Vegas thinks that the Saints are suddenly going to turn it around. 

People will point to last week's almost win. I'd say keep reading because below you'll find that I'm not convinced that Green Bay is the same Green Bay team as years past. 

Meanwhile, the Chargers have consistently beaten inferior teams. Guess what the Saints are? 


Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts (+7)

Trust the home dog. It's been the mantra all season, and the Colts have the look of the next team in line. 

They had an extra week to prepare for the struggling Packers, and Andrew Luck loves to do some studying. He'll be prepared for the improved Green Bay defense, but will the Pack be ready for the rejuvenated Colts

Dwight Freeney's return shouldn't be undervalued; he and Robert Mathis are still a potent duo. Watch out Packers, you are officially on notice.