Oregon Duck and ASU Sun Devil Head into Round 2 of Heavyweight Attack Ads

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 4, 2012

Sparky and Puddles refuse to take the high road and continue to release awful attack adds in what is turning into some rather hilarious smear campaigns. 

We recently reported on Puddles, the Oregon Duck mascot, who released a video announcing his run for president. 

Subsequently, Sparky, the Arizona State University Sun Devils mascot, released a video attacking the very nature of this duck we all thought we knew so well. 

Round 2 is, like, so very much on. 

The next round of videos (h/t Big Lead Sports) features another attack ad from Sparky that asks, once again, for fans to black out the Oregon Ducks on October 18, the day we suspect these videos will end. 

The other is a horribly acted retort. 

First up, the attack ad that states Puddles may be in fact, a Canadian goose. Oh, no!

Now for the retort which features some of the worst acting this side of the first Expendables

We love the thought of asking, "Who's Sparky?" 

Still, we couldn't help but wonder how the duck found such a comfy job sitting alongside cute coeds all day, and how he manages to get any work done when he gets bothered every 15 seconds by some lady who has no idea why she is delivering such urgent news. 

If you are going to go through the motions of having a vengeful answer to attack ads, make them, I don't know, good. 

Puddles is cut in the corner and losing on points. It's time for him to come out swinging if he wants to win this thing. 

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