Terrell Owens a Good Choice for the Buffalo Bills?

Taylor SmithCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

As some Bills fans know, our beloved Bills have recently signed the controversy riddled Terrell Owens. But was this really the best choice for Buffalo? Sure Terrell is one of the greatest WR's of all time but T.O. is not getting any younger.

And all of they controversy that follows him! Everywhere he has been it's been all about how he messed up! It's insanity. I know the Bills want to get better, but was this really the best choice? There are quite a few good free agents out there now, and the Bills had to choose the one with the worst reputation?

Of course it's not all bad, Terrell Owens is one of the greatest WR's of all time, and possibly the greatest playing today.

Not to mention speed! He's so quick the defense is hardly able to catch him! I only see one team in the AFC East, the Patriots, who will be able to catch him!

While this reporter will be excited to see him play, I am not happy with the choice to bring him to Buffalo. This reporter would have rather watched him play somewhere else, where he can not destroy the already delicate team chemistry in Buffalo