College Football Recruiting: 1 Weakness for Top 10 2013 Running Back Prospects

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IOctober 4, 2012

College Football Recruiting: 1 Weakness for Top 10 2013 Running Back Prospects

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    As you've followed my writing during these first three recruiting cycles here at Bleacher Report, you've probably noticed that I pride myself on being a pure evaluator. That is where my strengths are, and with that, I tend to focus mostly on the positive skills each recruit has.

    We've already taken a look at the weaknesses of each top QB prospect this year. Today, let's check out weaknesses that I see in each of the top 10 running back prospects' game. This should be an interesting read, because it'll show you that no player is perfect.

    Well, maybe Aaron Rodgers. 

10. Thomas Tyner

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    Tyner has excellent speed, and I like his size at 6'0", 218 pounds. He has the potential to be a load-back for Oregon, and his speed will help him make many long runs.

    However, his durability has come into question over the past few seasons, and Tyner suffers from too many nagging injuries.

    Weakness: Durability

9. Altee Tenpenny

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    Tenpenny stands 6'0", 212 pounds and has it all. He has great run strength, speed, vision, instincts and quickness.

    Leaving Arkansas for Alabama, Tenpenny is an aggressive runner that has a comedic personality. The knock that I have on him is that he does run a little too high at times. Tenpenny must lower his pad level, or defenders in college will be able to light him up too often.

    Weakness: Pad level

8. Alvin Kamara

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    There isn't much wrong in Kamara's game, and trust me, it was very tough coming up with a weakness for him. He has great speed, solid power, instincts, vision and hands.

    The only concern I have is his frame and size. He's a thick 195 pounds but stands just about 5'9". That's not bad, but if you like your running backs bigger, then maybe Kamara isn't the guy for you. 

    That would be too bad because this is an outstanding player.

    Weakness: Height/Size

7. Ryan Green

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    Green has excellent speed and is very dangerous in space. He is 5'10", 190 pounds and can burst upfield like a beam of light, make a defender miss and skate to paydirt.

    His main weakness is lower-body strength. Green can't really push piles, be his own lead blocker and escape massive tacklers. Defenders had better wrap him up tightly, because if they don't, the Florida State commit could be gone.

    Weakness: Lower-body strength

6. Keith Ford

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    Ford has outstanding vision, instincts and awareness. He's 5'10", 200 pounds and is committed to Oklahoma. Ford has all of the needed speed, power, hands and intangibles needed to be a great load-back.

    His weakness is his pad level. Ford, at times, will raise his pads because he gets too comfortable as a runner due to him being a dominant player in Texas. He will need to make sure his pads stay down in Norman so he's protected from shots.

    Weakness: Pad level

5. Greg Bryant

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    One has to love Greg Bryant, an attacking and downhill runner. He's a 5'10" back who weighs in the 200-pound range and runs hard and strong. Bryant is decisive, instinctive and has a solid burst through run alleys.

    Bryant isn't going to outrun anybody deep and make 70-yard plays in college. He lacks the needed long speed and a second gear for that. He'll move the chains and be a bell-cow runner.

    Weakness: Long speed

4. Derrick Green, RB

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    A very big back at 6'0" and almost 230 pounds, Green has great straight-line speed, power, strength and tackle-breaking ability.

    His weakness is he can be a little impatient with his blockers at times, and he isn't the quickest back to jump to the edges in the country. 

    Weakness: Speed in getting to the edges

3. Derrick Henry

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    Committed to Alabama, Henry is another huge runner at 6'3", 245 pounds. He has very good athleticism, speed and elusiveness for such a large-bodied running back.

    If you think this is a powerful runner, especially due to his size, then you are mistaken. Henry doesn't run with much power or strength behind his pads. He tries to elude defenders a bit too much for someone his size.

    Weakness: Power and upright running style

2. Kelvin Taylor, RB

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    The state of Florida's all-time leading rusher, Taylor is a 5'11", 216-pound back with excellent skills. As one of the most elusive backs in the country, he has good bursts through holes, fantastic quickness and superb vision.

    A Gator pledge, Taylor is more quick than fast, which shows in the open field. He lacks great top end speed and gets most of his yardage by making defenders miss rather than outrunning them.

    Weakness: Top end speed

1. Ty Isaac

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    From Illinois, Isaac is a 6'3", 220-pound running back that has good speed, quickness, instincts, vision and natural ball skills. He has good run strength, but he doesn't use it as frequently as some would like because he is faster than many of his opponents right now.

    I would like to see him get stronger and add more power to his running style. He'll also need to add strength to his game because it will help him in his role as a blitz protector at USC.

    Weakness: Strength and Power


    Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects & writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.