WWE News: CM Punk Hooks Fans Up with Free Pizza and More

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WWE News: CM Punk Hooks Fans Up with Free Pizza and More
Courtesy WWE.com

So much for living the heel lifestyle outside of the ring.

Turns out, CM Punk has decided to take care of fans that have been waiting in line for his DVD viewing.

Punk took to Twitter Thursday afternoon with the following:

I can only imagine what Punk is referring to in the last tweet. I gotta imagine that everyone in attendance will be walking away with copies of the much anticipated DVD. But then again, this is only speculation.

Ultimately, we won't know what the other surprises are until Punk unveils them later.

In the end, this is a class move by Punk. Let's face it, when it comes to fan-friendly stars, Punk is right up there with some of the best. Unfortunately for Punk, he gets a bit of a bad rap due to a recent airport incident.

Speaking from my personal experience with Punk, if you're cool to him, he is cool to you. The fact is, no one likes crazy annoying fans, not even other crazy annoying fans.

So, if you live in Chi-Town and are reading this article on your phone, hope you enjoyed the pizza. Also, if you're so inclined, post an update in the comments section to let us know what else the WWE champ hooked you up with, and enjoy the show.

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