30 Female Athletes Who Look Even Hotter off the Court

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2012

30 Female Athletes Who Look Even Hotter off the Court

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    Every guy loves sports. But there's one thing that we love even more than a Blake Griffin jam, or a Hail Mary at the end of a game—hot women athletes.

    Unfortunately though, not every single chick can look as smokin' hot as Leryn Franco or Jennie Finch when lacing 'em up. But that doesn't mean they don't have the same sex appeal off the court or field, outside of the pool or off those blistery slopes.

    So while most female athletes know what it takes to make our heads spin for them, these are the ones that you might not tell your buddies you dig while on the court, but when you see them rocking a bathing suit or dress in a magazine, you'd totally ask them out.

30. Sasha Cohen: Figure Skating

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    She's a babe, that's for sure, but anyone who does figure skating reminds us of a pre-teen. Once she gets off that ice though, you know dudes flock. Just ask action sports king Shaun White, who in 2006 (h/t sfgate.com) hit on her in absentia with the line, "I'm hoping Sasha dates gold medalists." Apparently she doesn't, because nothing ever came from it.

29. Hope Solo: Soccer

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    Hope's one bad girl on the field, and is definitely one of the more competitive chicks we've ever seen, but she just doesn't do it for us while in-between the pipes. Get her somewhere she can rock that stomach of hers, and we'd gladly stare all day.

28. Kristi Leskinen: Skiing

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    Let's put this out there, if you saw a snow bunny like Kristi on the slopes, you'd be all about her. But with all those heavy clothes on, you'd have no idea she looks great when she takes them all off. That's why she ends up here. Not for what she doesn't have, but what she doesn't show while competing.

27. Amanda Beard: Swimming

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    Call us crazy, but we were never fond of this broad as everyone else was during the 2008 Olympics. Sure, she competes in a bathing suit, but a onesie doesn't exactly do her bod much justice. It wasn't till she showed her sex appeal out of the pool that we saw what everyone else did.

26. Alex Morgan: Soccer

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    Why do we feel like we'll get some backlash on this one? She's hot on or off the soccer field, but as cute as she looks running around with a ponytail on the pitch, she looks 10 times hotter strutting her stuff in a black dress.

25. Candace Parker: Basketball

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    We've always had a thing for Candace, whether she was on the court or not. But when we found out she was married to Shelden Williams, our babe bubble burst. Not because she was taken, but because she's so far out of his league, it's not even funny.

24. Danica Patrick: Auto Racing

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    Danica's by far one of the sexiest babes on the planet, but when she's hidden under her helmet, or throwing little tantrums on the track, it takes away from what she looks like all wet, on a beach.

23. Michelle Waterson: MMA

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    Any girl that fights for a living probably doesn't look too good while at work—hopefully Michelle doesn't take offense and beat us up. Truth is, when she's all dolled up, she's a complete dimepiece.

22. Ashley Force Hood: Drag Racer

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    Much like Danica, Ash has all the goods when she's not covered in a flame retardant suit, or risking herself at high speeds. But outside all that, she's pretty as all hell.

21. The Bella Twins: Wrestling

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    So they might not actually be hardcore wrestlers—and act as the Divas of the WWE—but in our opinion, we'd much rather have the natural look they've got out of the ring, than the gimmick they've got going on in it.

20. Gina Carano: MMA

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    Once again, another woman who we'd never want to scrap with, but save us the black eyes and bite marks Gina, because as great as you look beating another girl's face in, we'd rather have you showing why your hard work in the gym's paid off.

19. Skylar Diggins: Basketball

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    Call it luck of the Irish that any of us discovered this girl, because we think she's a total babe. On the court? Ehh. Off the court? It's an absolute slam dunk she's hot.

18. Bianca Cruz: Softball

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    Cruz has the misfortune of almost being too sexy—and yes, that's very possible! When she dons her softball gear, she'll get your attention. When she's staring at you with those piercing eyes in something more appealing though? You'll be speechless.

17. Ellen Hoog: Field Hockey

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    Anytime a gilr's profession us to actually run around in a skirt, that's pretty cool. And for the most part, Ellen is pretty fine. We just prefer her wearing nothing but some booty shorts and a tank.

16. Lolo Jones: Track & Field

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    We're a really big fan of Lolo, kind of always have been. In fact, if there's one chick on this list we'd gladly take home to our parents, it'd be her. 

15. Laure Manaudou: Swimming

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    Once again, the chlorine and swim cap doesn't do much for us. It's not until we see those abs that really make us see why Laure is so sexy. We love drinking, but we'd much rather have that six pack on a Friday night.

14. Kimiko Zakreski: Snowboarding

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    When you're as hot as Kimiko is, there's absolutely no reason you should be covered in layers. Snowboarding and surfing are pretty similar; could she have just chosen a bathing suit instead?

13. Miesha Tate: MMA

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    Yet another Octagon fighter who seems to wear blood from her nose more than red lipstick. But you know what? Once she tosses on something a little more appealing, she's definitely a cutie. We'd just never want to piss her off!

12. Beatriz Recari: Golf

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    We're all about some Beatriz, but we'd rather have her when she's put away the clubs and ready to head out on the town with us, because she looks really, really good when not all Sporty-Spiced out.

11. Blair O'Neal: Golf

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    We like preppy and all, so when she's on the course, she's cool. We just like to think of her more as a bathing suit model than a golfer. Sorry Blair, that's just us though.

10. Maria Sharapova: Tennis

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    One of the world's sexiest athletes has long legs, a killer face and one smokin' bod, but she also has her days in-between the lines that aren't too flattering. We know we're really nitpicking on that one, but when she's as sexy as she is, we expect filet mignon all the time, not just a steak.

9. Lindsey Vonn: Skiiing

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    Girls like Vonn have no biz depriving the male race of everything that's under her little hats and heavy jackets. She's a bubbly blonde chick we can't stand but want her on a beach!

8. Maria Kirilenko: Tennis

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    If you've noticed one thing about this list, it's that you can tell we're really high on tennis players. And while we really love when Maria Kirilenko gets a point and does a Tiger-like fist pump, when she can hold up a bikini top instead, we'd rather have that.

7. Elena Delle Donne: Basketball

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    She may not have the swimsuit pics or anything like that, but when you stand 6'5" and you're still able to pull off being as attractive as she is, you get respect. We're only 5'8", and though it'd look goofy as all hell, we'd definitely roll over for a chance to land her—we'd just have to get used to a girl owning us in basketball.

6. Biba Golic: Table Tennis

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    We think Biba's quite attractive regardless, but she gets hurt by the fact she's a professional table tennis player—a badass one we admit. It's so absurd to us that she'd risk being hidden by a third-tier sport, that she has to land in our top 10.

5. Serena Williams: Tennis

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    She's got plenty of style, but when she's demolishing tennis balls on a court, you'd never think it. Nope, it takes her strutting around in her personal fashion line or pushing a swimsuit to show all those curves we love.

4. Heather Mitts: Soccer

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    Our first real female sports crush, we actually chased a girl in college just because she resembled Mitts. Turns out it she was completely insane, so we had to stop not to get jaded towards Heather. Thank goodness we got out of that just in time.

3. Ana Ivanovic: Tennis

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    It's not even a question of she's one of the hottest women athletes anyone's seen, because she is. It's a question of what you prefer more, a visor and a ponytail, or flowing hair and something sexy? We'll take the latter please.

2. Jace Williams: Softball

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    Jace falls into that category as a girl that will get looks even in her uniform because a) she's blonde, b) she's in shape and c) she's pretty cool. But when you see her off the diamond, you'll be blown away.

    We were debating where to put her on this list, but after seeing that pic of her on Halloween, it all but decided for us.

1. Natalie Gulbis: Golf

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    She's just so buttoned-up on the gold course that we couldn't help ourselves but put her at numero uno—especially based on how she looks away from the links. A total smokeshow, you can't tell us she's the only golf coach who'd actually hurt your game because you'd be so distracted during a lesson.