Bowling Fails Compilation Video Is LOL-Worthy Entertainment

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 4, 2012

Bowling is hilarious. 

Well, the actual act of grabbing the lightest ball that isn't pink, slipping on clown shows and pretending that rolling a ball towards some pins isn't hilarious. 

But watching people fail at it certainly is. 

BuzzFeed spots this fantastic video brought to you by World Wide Interweb, and we are so very glad they did. 

There isn't a great deal to describe, because the video is brilliantly straight forward. It's just people failing to go from point A on a bowling lane to point B without falling, slipping or injuring themselves from failure. 

There is a reason they make you wear shoes worn by thousands of other people, the pair has the least amount of traction possible. 

The only thing better would be to spray the shoes with Pam before renting them out and then sitting back and letting the Lulz rain down on the bowling alley. 

There is even a Wii Bowling shout out at the :22 second mark making those people too lazy to do some actual bowling all the happier. 

Hooray for fail videos. 

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