My Biased Justification of Randy Orton's Violent Actions Since His Return

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 8, 2009

Ever since Randy Orton has returned from the broken collar-bone injury he sustained last summer, he has managed to leave countless people broken and beaten in his path.

Although many people feel that Orton's reign or terror is nothing more than a selfish superstar getting angry and taking out his frustrations on anyone who gets in his way, one could make a very valid argument that each and every person to have been harmed by Orton did something to provoke him in the first place.

I'm judging this situation in the sense that I look at the WWE product, I'm not condoning various acts of remorseless violence as if they would be okay in the real world.

Just hear me out in regards to what Randy Orton has done and why these things have happened.

The first victim was CM Punk.

Orton returned to Raw in front of a home crowd in St. Louis, MO and said that Punk was going around disgracing the World title. Although this might have seemed uncalled for, he was 100 percent accurate in his analysis.

CM Punk was not a good champion and Raw did fall apart in Orton's absence. He had every right to state his opinion but after he did so, we all saw CM Punk make some very poor decisions.

No. 1, don't mess with a man far out of your league. Instead of doing the logical thing and backing down, Punk decided he was going to stand up for himself.

I recall him pouring a water bottle in Orton's face. I recall him mocking Orton, asking if the "bitter ex-champion" was ready to compete. As a result of this threat, Randy Orton punted CM Punk out of relevance.

He's never been the same since.

When Randy Orton had to compete in his return-match, Ted DiBiase selfishly decided to inject himself by beating on CM Punk which caused Orton to get disqualified. Randy Orton had waited months to be able to show off everything he worked so hard to rehabilitate for and that was taken away by DiBiase's lack of common sense.

As a result, DiBiase too was punted in the skull.

Then we have Batista.

The big man who would not stop running his mouth. He said he wanted to get his hands on Orton for "bad-mouthing Evolution" as if Orton didn't have the right. We are talking about the same Evolution who turned on Orton and beat him down for absolutely no reason.

In my eyes, Randy Orton had the right to say whatever he damn well pleased about that group, and Batista should have learned to like it.

It was Randy Orton who defeated Batista in the Survivor Series elimination match, one of the biggest matches of the year. I'll never forget the next night on Raw when Batista was being interviewed, no one mentioned a word about his defeat the night prior.

We all know that if Orton lost such a big match that he would have to explain his defeat. Yet Batista does not even give mention to the fact that he was RKO'd out of his boots.

Remember people, it was Batista who dropped Orton on his back during the Evolution beat-down of the youngest World Champion. As far as I'm concerned, Batista cast the first stone.

You can say all you want about that being years ago but that doesn't make it any less relevant.

Then after John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship, I watched Batista back stage trying to suck up to him to get another title shot. Acting like he's best buddies with the same man who he planted on his neck, which knocked him out of action for months (kayfabe I know, but still).

Essentially, Batista would rather screw Orton out of a rightful title bout just so he could get yet another opportunity.

I enjoyed seeing Batista punted in the skull. It was good for everyone, good for the fans, good for Randy Orton, and even good for Batista. His character needed a break so he could come back fresh. If anything, Batista should thank Orton for putting him on the sideline.

Next we have Manu and Sim Snuka. Randy Orton took these two worthless Superstars and was gracious enough to give them the opportunity to be associated with greatness. They failed and their way of showing gratitude was to call Orton out on his short-comings?

Bad idea.

Orton allowed Evolution to occur as he made sure both Manu and Sim Snuka where never heard from again. Orton let the true Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) remove the less talented Superstars from the roster.

Neither of them would have ever been hurt had they not called Orton out and later been stupid enough to try to come after him.

Survival of the fittest.

Next we have the one and only Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

The night he came back, it was his daughter Stephanie who slapped Orton in the face. Orton came into her office and tried to be nice but she had to call him out and rudely kick him out of her office.

Yes, Orton insulted her but spoke nothing but truthful words before Stephanie was so professional as to lay her hands on her top employee.

Randy Orton didn't want to hit her back, he just came out and demanded an apology. Stephanie didn't look like she liked that suggestion and again began her verbal tirade. Her father asked her to leave the ring and decided to get in Orton's face. He insulted Randy Orton, and insulted his father.

He expected Orton to apologize after it was his daughter who laid her hands on him. He expected an apology after he insulted Orton's god given talent and insulted his family. When Orton refused, Vince was going to fire him and put an end to everything Orton has worked so hard for.

Well you know what?

Bye bye ungrateful chairman. Vince McMahon deserved to be kicked in the skull. It would have never happened had his daughter not put her hands on Orton. It would have never happened had Vince not insulted Orton's family.

Vince and Stephanie instigated it and Vince paid the price.

So Shane comes back to defend his father's honor. It was Shane who was the first man to put his hands on Orton. When he was unable to defeat Orton at No Way Out, he insisted that he had the desire to fight him until one of them was not left standing.

He got what he asked for.

Shane shouldn't have been so arrogant as to think he had any chance what so ever of beating Orton in a fight so Orton made his wish come true.

As Stephanie came to the ring, she decided to get in Orton's face. Stephanie, the same woman who slapped Orton in the first place. Orton felt that enough was enough and took her out to.

Extreme? Yes, but you can't accuse Orton of anything more than going overboard in his defense. It was the McMahon's who initiated the conflict, not Randy Orton.

Enter The Game. Triple H came to Raw with a sledgehammer and expected to get revenge. Triple H brought a weapon into the mix and was fully prepared to inflict some serious harm on Orton. Even after Orton through his sledgehammer away, Triple H took out a second and went after him.

The next week on Raw, Triple H threatened to break Randy Orton's neck.

I want you to think about that for a second.

Let's take Triple H at his word and believe that he intends on backing up what he said. Breaking Randy Orton's neck would either kill or cripple him. Therefore, showing up on Smackdown and simply beating down Triple H was justified.

Don't pity the man who threatened to cripple the other man, witness Triple H get what's coming to him after he initiated a threat. Orton didn't want to face Triple H, he didn't want to hurt him. But Triple H insisted that Orton challenge him at Wrestlemania. Triple H was looking for trouble and got it.

So all I can ask is for everyone to think about the things I've said. That is my purely biased justification of Orton's actions. If you think about it, you'll notice that I do make some very good points.

Like Randy Orton said, Stephanie McMahon was not the victim. He (Randy Orton) is the real victim.


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