Jeremy Maclin: Fantasy Owners Should Unload Eagles WR While He Still Has Value

Rick WeinerFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 30:  Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles in action against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 30, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

After an opening-week performance that saw him catch seven passes for 96 yards and a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, it sure looked like Jeremy Maclin was well on his way to recording the first 1,000-receiving-yard season of his four-year NFL career.

Has anyone seen that guy since then? He's seemingly disappeared.

In Week 2, Maclin didn't catch a pass until four minutes into the second half, when Eagles' QB Michael Vick (it's Michael, not Mike, Cris Collinsworth) connected with the 24-year-old receiver for a 23-yard touchdown.

He'd miss the next game with a hip injury, and his much ballyhooed return to the Eagles lineup in last Sunday night's contest against the New York Giants was all for naught, as Giants' CB Prince Amukamara held Maclin to only one catch for seven yards.

Two weeks. Two catches. Thirty yards. One touchdown.

That's not good, and it doesn't help your fantasy team at all, regardless of how the scoring system in your league works. It's time to think about changing course before it's too late.

That he couldn't get separation against Amukamara and a depleted Giants secondary makes you wonder if the hip injury he suffered isn't still an issue—and whether it will be an ongoing issue for the foreseeable future.

Eagles coach Andy Reid claims that's not the case, as he told the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane and Zach Berman:

I wouldn’t say it was his hip that was bothering him, it was just how things fell. He had a few plays that were dialed up for him and they had that area covered with their zone coverage. So, you had to go a different direction. That was just by chance. Jeremy, he’s fine.

He does not appear on the Eagles' injury report (h/t CBS Sports), but it certainly wouldn't be the first time where a player wasn't forthcoming with his coach or training staff about an injury.

In no way am I suggesting that Maclin owners drop him—that would be foolish.

Could he bust out, go on a run of consecutive 100-yard games where he finds the end zone week after week?

Sure, there's a chance he could. Let someone else take that chance, though.

Everyone has a position or two on their fantasy squad that they want to upgrade, and now is the time for you to use Jeremy Maclin as your means to reach that end.

Maclin is a name; we all know that a player's "name" sometimes carries more weight than his actual production, especially when it's still relatively early in the season.

So why not target the player or players that you want to add to your roster, offer up Maclin and see what happens?

You still have a chance to get something of value for Maclin today.

If he puts up another stinker against the Steelers on Sunday, you won't be able to say the same on Monday.