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Debate: Will the Nets Ever Surpass the Knicks as New York's Team?

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Debate: Will the Nets Ever Surpass the Knicks as New York's Team?
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

There's a lot of hype surrounding the Nets with their relocation, revamped roster and new arena. With all of that, will they ever pass up the Knicks as New York's team?


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the city will turn on the knick a soon as tey inevitably disappoint. even when the yankees sucked, ny was a mets city even though yankee fans will nev...
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It will always be a Knicks town and that goes for the entire NY metro area (NYC, LI, NJ, Westchester etc). The Knicks, Yankees, Giants, and Rangers wi...
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The Knicks are like the Yankees and the Nets are like the Mets When the Yankees suck and the Mets were good it was still a Yankee city
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Even with multiple championships, I don't think the Nets can overtake the Knicks as "NY's team." There's simply too much history with the Knicks that ...
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