WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Why Mick Foley Should Referee the WWE Title Match

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Mick Foley is no stranger to the hell in a cell match.  It's what arguably helped make his career so legendary.  Foley has been in a hell in a cell match with some of the best wrestlers, two of which are the Undertaker and Triple H.

With so much experience in the cell, Foley should be the referee for the WWE title match.

It’s not just about his experience though.  With doubts circling if Cena will return in time for Hell in a Cell, who would take his place to go up against Punk?

Regardless of who ends up being Punk’s opponent, if it's not Cena, the WWE will need a bigger draw if they hope to consider their Pay-Per-View main event successful. 

Throw in Mick Foley as the referee, and the WWE might be able to make the title match even bigger in case Cena misses Hell in a Cell.

The same theory though, works for if Cena does heal up in time for the Pay-Per-View.  Why not use Foley as the referee and make a possible CM Punk vs. Cena match even bigger?

Foley should referee the WWE title match because he would make the match more interesting overall.


The Experience

As mentioned before, Foley has a good amount of experience with hell in a cell matches.  He has participated in some of the best, and clearly knows what it takes to put on a fantastic performance. 

Hell in a cell matches of today's era have been lackluster when compared to those when the match first debuted.  With his experience in the earlier hell in a cell matches, Foley as the referee might be able to help improve the overall main event for the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.

It would be silly to expect Foley to take a huge bump like he did when he went flying off the cell in his classic match against the Undertaker.  Still, with Foley involved, he could use his experience to help Cena and Punk plan a hell in a cell match that would deliver.

His experience though, doesn't just end with wrestling in a hell in a cell match.  Foley was the referee when Triple H and Kevin Nash fought in Satan's Structure.  He has the experience needed to referee the match, and not get in the way.

If anything, his experience would only add to the match, so why not make him the referee?


Making the Main Event Bigger

Adding Mick Foley as the referee to the WWE title match at Hell in a Cell would only make the main event of the Pay-Per-View even bigger.

And at this point, the WWE title match may need all the help it can get.

With Cena still recovering from his injury and no real idea of if he will make it back in time for Hell in a Cell, what will the WWE do? 

Will they settle for using Ryback or another wrestler in Cena's place?

Or will they try to force in Cena, who might not be fully recovered by the time Hell in a Cell happens?

Regardless of if you're a Cena fan or not, there is no denying that he helps sell seats, as well as Pay-Per-Views.  If he's injured then, the WWE is going to have a hard time replacing him.

Foley adds another element to this match, and would only help in making the main event more appealing to the WWE Universe even if Cena has to sit this one out.

If Cena does manage to recover in time, Foley would still be an asset to this match, potentially increasing how much the match draws in the end.

Even if Cena comes back, and isn't 100 percent, Punk and Foley seem to have something of a feud going, so their issues would distract from Cena not being fully healed for the match.

Foley would only make the title match even bigger, and the WWE should take full advantage of him.

Placing Mick Foley in the WWE title match seems like it would only benefit both the company and fans in the end.  Foley makes a pretty good ref, and knows what it takes to make a fantastic hell in a cell match.

After the promo he dropped on Punk two weeks ago on RAW, why not have Foley in the match?  If anything, he can be used as a way for Punk to draw more heat.

Foley should referee the WWE title match because he would add to main event, and potentially make it even bigger.